All in the Family featured the curmudgeonly Archie Bunker. Archie was television’s most famous grouch, blunt, blustering, straightforward and untouched by the PC crowd. He was the archetype of the conservative male. Michael desprately tried to reeducate him, but he persisted in his breviloquence.

Looking back at the last 40 years, we realize: ARCHIE WAS RIGHT!



Restaurant owner leaves message for 'dumpster diver'
“To the person going through our trash for their next meal, you’re a human being and worth more than a meal from the dumpster. Please come in during business hours for a classic Pb&j, fresh veggies, and a cup of water at no charge. No questions asked. – your friend, the owner.”
I used to work in the restaurant business and I can appreciate how an owner or manager would feel coming out to the dumpster and finding trash scattered all over.  Don't kid yourself.  This sort of thing is pretty common, even when the economy is good.  Offering a free meal isn't how most of us would solve the problem either.

Then I got to thinking that a PB&J isn't really that great of an offer for lunch.  Then I checked out her Face Book page P. B. Jams.  They specialize in PB&J.  It's the best thing on their menu and what they are famous for.  I guess when you offer your best, that's as good as it can get.

I saw a comment of the FB page.  Nick Furlong said: "If I'm ever in Oklahoma City, I will be eating at your restaurant because of this."  I also saw the sandwich menu on FB.  I've never in my life paid to have someone make me a PBJ.  Never.  I certainly haven't paid for one with a starting price tag of $6. 

If I'm in OKC I'm going to make it a point to go to PB Jams, and order two sandwiches.  I'll get a grilled one for me and have them leave one on layaway for someone else.


  1. With the kind of breads available now and grinding your own PB, I can totally see somebody making a success of this sandwich in a restaurant. Sometimes I go to the bulk section of the grocery store and get a bit of nut butter freshly ground. Oh the bliss that comes my way.

    There are even some really nice jam cookers you can buy now that allows for the successful preparation of family sized batches of jam without the scorching problem.

    In fact IIRC, Portland has several sandwich type cafe's that specialize in some basic stuff that you would not think would work but they are making a go of it it a big way. Like grilled cheese.

    My local grocery near my house just put in a hot sandwich bar that is restaurant quality for half the price. And their burger buns do not get soggy, even with doing them as take away. I just think sandwiches are always going to be a go to item for most everybody because of the immense variety of ingredients that you can use to create them.

  2. I can tell you Res, that Nutella on your next PB sandwich is like having dessert for the main course. It is really good. Not tried the marshmallow fluff yet, but I think it would work. Apple and banana are givens. Especially if bacon is added, Elvis style.

  3. I've loved Nutella since 1989.

    These kinds of places are probably more common in a big city. We just got a Japanese Steak House here. In a stroke of luck with the grandparents visiting I got to take Mrs Ipsa to lunch with no kids. I never thought those two words "no kids" could be a prelude to culinary bliss. Anyway, the seaweed salad was ok. Not the best and not too bad, just ok. The big disappointment was my favorite Japanese dish was not on the menu. Not so much as a hint of skiaki in the place. I get why the seafood might not be 100% we're 1,500 miles from an ocean. Skiaki is beef for crying out loud.

    So much for the culinary cross I have to bear. Its the price of living in one of the last free states.

  4. We thank G-d several times a day that Nutella is kosher.

  5. That made me laugh.

  6. Rumor has it that Italian Nutella bought through an import service is far far better. I'll check with my source and see if I can find a link.