All in the Family featured the curmudgeonly Archie Bunker. Archie was television’s most famous grouch, blunt, blustering, straightforward and untouched by the PC crowd. He was the archetype of the conservative male. Michael desprately tried to reeducate him, but he persisted in his breviloquence.

Looking back at the last 40 years, we realize: ARCHIE WAS RIGHT!


Racist or Not?

The year is 1914.  The place is Podunk Mississippi.  We are at Rufus and Wynona Johnson's home.  The Johnsons are home with their three young children.  Mr. Johnson doesn't own his home, its provided to him by his employer, Great Southern Railroad.  That explains how he is one of only about 120 people in Podunk who have electricity. 

Mr. Johnson has been with the railroad since he turned 13 years old.  He's done nearly every job that a black man is allowed to do, and several that are reserved for whites.  The bosses all know this and they don't care.  Rufus is well like by everyone on the road, black and white alike.  He has forgotten more about the road than any three other men know and he keeps things running and in good order.

He even saved the railroad from wrecking two trains.  He saw that the tracks hadn't been switched properly and a Freighter form Biloxi almost collided with the Express to New Orleans.  Now everyone knew that, that no-good drunk Donny Donahue had switched the tracks on account of him saying he always wanted  to see a wreck and cause he was drunk again at 7:30 in the morning. 

Now, Rufus didn't say how the tracks got switched.  He said he didn't see it happen.  Which, like as not was true, but everyone knows Donny did it.  Rufus didn't even say that everyone knew it was Donny, he just kept it under his hat.  If he did that cause Donny's daddy is the station master over at Madison or because he didn't see who done it we don't know. 

Everyone at Great Southern thought that Rufus deserved a reward on account of saving those people from dying and the all that freight from getting wrecked, so the railroad done went out an bought the Johnsons a brand new RKO Deluxe Radio in the pecan cabinet.  It's the finest radio anyone ever saw and it cost $7.43 and they had to send all the way to Nashville to get it.

The Johnson's sure are proud of that radio.  It's the nicest thing they ever owned.  They've been having folks over to listen to it near every night.  They've had everybody from the rail yard over, black and white alike and everyone agrees its a right fine radio.

Till last week that is.  That's when a white man wearing a all white gown and a white pillow case over his head with the eyes cut out broke into their house while they was listening to the radio.  He said no nigger needed to have such a fine radio and he was taking it.  That's what he did too.

Now, everyone knows it was that no good drunk Donny.  Rufus didn't say Donny did it.  He said he couldn't rightly say on account of him dressed up as the Klan and all.  Sherriff Coburn wasn't fooled none by Rufus not knowing.  Part of that is on account of their ain't no Klan in Podunk.  Part of it is on account of Donny was seen by half the town driving with the radio in the back of his buggy.

Sherriff Coburn went out to Donny's house and saw the radio setting in the front room so he asked him about it.  Donny said he bought the radio.  So the sheriff asked him how it sounded and could he have a listen. Well Donny couldn't turn the radio on cause Donny ain't got no electricity in his house.  So the Sherriff arrested him for holding up the Johnsons.

At the trail Judge David Duke said he agreed that Donny is no good but that he wasn't going to send him go work the Parchman Farm.  Which just means send him to the pen, but they still call it the farm cause it used to be that.  Don't matter none no how.  David Duke ain't gonna send no white man to no jail for robbing a black man.  Donny only hit Rufus over the head and beat on Wynona a little, it wasn't like he shot them or anything.  Just cause he did it in front of their little ones don't account for much they're just niggers after all.

The judge had some words for the Johnsons too.  Seems David Duke thinks they are getting a bit uppity.  He was some sore at them because their little girl says she's afraid of white folks especially if they are wearing all white.  He told them that it wasn't right for black folks to be afraid of white folks just cause one bad one broke into their house and stole their stuff.  Judge Duke said it wasn't like they burned a cross on their lawn or anything.  Besides Donny only said he was going kill them.  He didn't really kill anybody or anything.

Is Judge David Duke a racist?  Answer in the comments.

Wait, wait, before you do that change a couple of things about the story.  Like this:

Black Judge Gives Black Home Invader Probation, Attacks White Family for Racism

A black judge, offended by a white family’s concern that their toddler was frightened of black men after a violent home invasion and robbery, publicly shamed them and let off the convicted man with mere probation.
Judge Stevens, who is also black, reacted to the Grays’ concerns by calling them racists.
“I am offended… I am deeply offended that they would be victimized by an individual and express some kind of fear of all black men,” he said. He said it was understandable that the three-year-old was upset — “she can’t help the way she feels” — but he attacked the parents for “accepting that kind of mentality and fostering those type of stereotypes.”
The Grays asked the judge to give Wallace a more serious sentence: “If holding a little girl at gunpoint gets you probation, then our system is flawed,” the girl’s father said.
Stevens ignored their pleas and sentenced Wallace to five year’s probation, saying he “deserved the opportunity to redeem himself” for violently invading the Grays’ home, terrorizing their daughter, and stealing their property.
Later, Stevens took to Facebook to publicly shame the victims of a home invasion after giving Wallace merely probation for burglary and robbery with a handgun. It was the mother’s secret racist views that made the toddler terrified of black men, not the formative memory of being terrorized at gunpoint by violent criminals:
This link has a video of judge Olu Stevens remarks.

Racism is just another word for whites not likening it when blacks rob them at gun point.  A black judge given a brother the wink and a nod and no time in jail for jack'n some crackers, sheet nigga that's just keep'n it real.  Word!

If a white judge had done the same to a white crook, for robbing a black family at gun point, Louisville would already have been burnt to the ground.


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    I wonder why.

  2. Because everyone who would usually comment knows that we'd be preaching to the choir?

  3. Ain't no cracka want be a raciss cracka! Dat why no dumb ass white cracka's be commenting.

  4. Sometimes my inner black man speaks out...

    1. dat judge be raciss as f#k

  5. This is one of your more thought provoking posts Res. I have come back multiple times, trying to come up with something to say that meets the intelligence posted here, but I haven't come up with the words yet.

    Other than the fact that I would love to see that judge hauled off the bench and horsewhipped for attacking a little girl and her not unnatural fear after being terrorized.

  6. I had a noticeable traffic spike after posting this. Not a single comment, not even spam. My comment to page view ratio is between 1% to maybe as high as 3%. Based on my blog traffic the comments should have been filling up.

    I think ajw308 is partially right, people who agree don't want to say so from a work computer or something that someone else may track back to them.

    I think the other part is people who hate what I had to say aren't able to anonymously blast me anymore so they have nothing to say. The odd part about it though was more than 25% of blog traffic in the last 24 hrs came from Russia.

    Personally, I wish we could allow anonymous comments. I'm sure I would have got some liberal hate on this, but I'd rather have the discussion and be shown why I'm wrong. Framing it the way I did makes it harder to object to the conclusion.

    1. Susan9:53 AM

      You guys are right about some of the why no comments, but one I think is still valid is that sometimes a post says everything just perfectly and any more words would be just redundant.

      Rush used to say on his show sometimes that he would refrain from giving his opinion because once he did, there was really nothing left to say. In this case I think that is true. You framed the really ugly judge and his ugly unprofessional behavior just perfectly. One of your absolute best IMO Res.

      Sometimes the words flow out of the inner passion a writer feels. I found this particular comment of yours very interesting.
      Russia is the last spot I would have thought your blog was viewed in. I would have thought that England would have given more blog traffic here.

  7. Stilicho8:56 AM

    I would have thought that someone with your chosen moniker would have realized the reason for lack of comments: there is nothing to add to the discussion that isn't covered in the original post-- res ipsa loquitur.

  8. Thank you for the compliment.

  9. Susan9:55 AM

    One of the reasons could be the particular verification request is extremely tough for this post. That could have discouraged some East European traffic.

    The traffic signs were a little confusing to me.

  10. CNN just posted a video of that racist judge. He might not think he is attacking a little girl, but he sure looks like it when he criticizes her parents.
    This whole situation just makes my blood boil. I suspect there is some serious blowback from that judge's attitude that is causing some real problems for the media.