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Looking back at the last 40 years, we realize: ARCHIE WAS RIGHT!


Home at Last

My in-laws left this morning.  Life is getting back to normal.  With the exception that my kids are in a funk over the loss of Grandma and Grandpa in their daily routine.  My daughter, AKA Drama Queen, doesn't know how she can go on.  She can't think, she can't do anything, especially her lessons.  Grandma isn't here and she just can't go on.  I am informed that she might be able to do her school work if only grandma were here.  This seems odd to me.  After the first week of their visit we decided to declare a spring break from home schooling, because no one seemed to be able to think with the grandparents here.

I on the other hand didn't have to knock on my bathroom door before going in, or get semi dressed before leaving the bedroom, so I'm happy.  Tonight when I get off work, I'll be able to come home and watch TV if I want.  I never do, but its nice to know that I can without waking anyone up.

If it seems like I'm putting ease of bathroom access ahead of my children's happiness I'm not.  It's just nice to get back to normal.  I will say this, my mother in laws visit has resulted in a much cleaner house.  Mrs. Ipsa didn't inherent any of her mothers cleaning genes.  I'm not complaining about that either.  Her mother has woken me up at 2:30 am by running the vacuum cleaner in the bedroom I was sleeping in.  Given the choice between a extra clean house and a full nights sleep, I'll take the sleep.

I should be able to get some posts in this week.

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  1. Res, I used to think that about my mother in law too, but she admitted something to me about two years into my marriage that I thought was the greatest gift she ever gave me.

    I had always been in awe of her clean house, you could do open heart surgery on her kitchen floor. But she admitted that when her kids were young, she wasn't able to keep things "just so" either. That made me feel so good.

    I suspect that a big part of her cleaning ability is because she has had an empty nest for so long that she has to find something to do, so it is housecleaning to a mirror finish that she chooses.

    Just saying. But I hear you about getting your domicile back. It is very nice.