All in the Family featured the curmudgeonly Archie Bunker. Archie was television’s most famous grouch, blunt, blustering, straightforward and untouched by the PC crowd. He was the archetype of the conservative male. Michael desprately tried to reeducate him, but he persisted in his breviloquence.

Looking back at the last 40 years, we realize: ARCHIE WAS RIGHT!


2nd Day

The second day of elk season came and so did a major case of the same crud Res Jr had. Daddy was devastated and did his best to stay in bed all day. The exception being sprints to the bathroom, that were so fast that I'm sure I set a new land speed record. My plan to stay in bed and die a slow and miserable death lasted until 10am when Mrs Ipsa blocked my path to make a contribution to the porcelain throne. Instead of doing her wifely duty and providing me with hospice care in my time of need, she had the audacity to come down with the same symptoms. This required me to "help out".

How I was supposed to "help Out" and die at the same time is something only she understands. Between episodes of gastric distress and losing consciousness, I managed to change a poopy diaper. As all parents know, anytime a man changes a diaper it is worth 10 times the good parent points as when the women changes the same kids diaper. A man changing a poopy is worth approximately 1 years worth points compared to a women preforming the same task. A man doing anything parenting related (except preparing his will) while sick is worth at least 500 times the points that his wife would get, unless of course she is confined to a wheelchair and undergoing chemo, in which case the points ratio becomes about 3 to 1, the 3 going to the man in his favor. After yesterday, I have accumulated enough good parent points that neither I or any of my male offspring won't have to change another diaper until April 22, 2312.

Everyone seems to be recovering, thanks to our NP who makes house calls and takes our kids in the eveing so mom and dad could lay around the house and be sick with out passing it back on to the kids. The thrid day of elk season (today) saw me get in my truck and head off to put 13 hrs in at work. Hopefully I will get out on my next days off.


Opening Day

Today is the opening day of elk season for my unit. I'm not in the woods. I'm at home.

Last night Res Jr. started throwing up at church. We came home and I stayed up with him through most of the night. He seems to be doing better, now.

Having sick kids sucks, not because I missed some hunting, they don't understand what is happening to them. "All done daddy, all done" is a sad cry to hear when you know that what it means is; "I want this to be all done". As an adult you know better, you know the kid is just starting another round and he is far from "all done".

A thought on men and women being "equal" occurred to me in the wee hours this morning. Daddy can hold your head over the bucket and clean you up just as well as mommy. Mommy can tell you how great getting to sleep on the floor with daddy is. Mommy really wants daddy to be as good as her, because there is another little one that needs her attention as well. Little kids know "equality" is crap. They know mommy will make "it" better, no matter what "it" is.

Daddies are fine, in their place. Need a good pillow fight? Daddy! Tickle monster? Daddy! Ride the horse? Daddy! Go ride truck, look at animals, make turkey sound, catch fish? Daddy! Snow ball fight? Daddy! Tummy sick? Daddy, go get mommy.

Why is it this way? Mommy is better. Somehow in some unknown to all but them way, mommy is better. Daddy can hold your head and wipe your face but its not the same. When mommy does it, its just better. Her voice is softer, her touch more tender, her presence just makes it better. Daddy is good, mommy is better.

I've had the job in the boardroom. I've worked and made decisions in the financial world. None of that impressed my son last night. He wanted mommy. His mommy could make it better in a way daddy could not. I can't understand why someone would want to give up that special place in the hart of a child for a job, any job. I know I would have traded a great deal last night to be able to make it "all done" and "better" so my wife could have a couple extra hours of sleep. Instead she ended up taking over halfway through the night, and I ended up stiff and sore from sleeping on the floor. This morning, it was me, not her still in bed trying to grab a little more sleep when the kido's were up and at it again. Mommies are better, but at least the daddy gets to do more fun stuff.


An Early Christmas

As you may or may not know, its been cold as heck in the wild west for about 2 weeks. Wind chill has been around -4. Certainly this is a bit chilly considering our normal 50 degree weather that I'm used to. Its still fall after all and the snow storm that knocked down three of my trees and damaged several of the others was not very fall like. Autumn is a time of cooler weather when the leaves turn color, the elk bugle and the deer scrape the velvet from their horns. Its time to bring in the pumpkins and squash. Apples get picked and made into sauce and pie. Its much to early for frost bit warnings. Its not supposed to look and feel like Christmas, but it does.

Santa, AKA the UPS man just showed up with a bit of cheer. This year I've been very very good. I received one of these. So just how did Santa, who has spent most of his blogging time by griping about work/lack of, afford anything made by Swarovski? It's the Obama Economic Stimulus. Ever since the KWWK (Kenyan Who Would be King) took over, the value of some of the contents of my gun safe have gone up as much as 500%. To bad he didn't do the same for my stock holdings. Anyway I was able to get rid of an evil, not to mention BATF traceable back to me AK-47, and pick up a cool new optic. So thank you Mr. KWWK otherwise a cheep $200 kids toy, that has difficulty engaging targets over 250 yards would still only be a $200 curiosity collecting dust.

In case you are wondering, yes it works as good as advertised. The ranch behind me is 1,249 yards. The wellhead is 512 yards, the neighbors dog that wakes me up with its barking is 89 yards. More important elk season is just 2 days away.

The New Job

I just finished "training" yesterday. I'm not sure I was really "trained" to do anything. I was shown how to do a couple of simple tasks. I can do them. That is apparently that.

The way the new job works is I work 13 hrs a day with a 1hr 15min commute each way. Back when I lived in the big city, a drive of that size meant I was going about 20 miles. I would typically see about 14 MC Donald's, 3 dozen liqueur stores, about 10,000 other drivers, a few porn shops and that was the nice neighborhoods. Wyoming by comparison doesn't have 14 MC Donald's in the entire state. That is a dramatic plus in my book. I do have a couple of good sized ranches I pass, a bunch of horses, cows, deer and antelope. There are about 2,300 buffalo that roam just north of my employer and they sometimes make it near enough the road to see. All in all, I'd rather work at a dead end contractor job in a coalmine than live anyplace else. Perhaps one day, meaningful work and living here will both be part of my life. Until that time, I may not live well, but I am living free.