All in the Family featured the curmudgeonly Archie Bunker. Archie was television’s most famous grouch, blunt, blustering, straightforward and untouched by the PC crowd. He was the archetype of the conservative male. Michael desprately tried to reeducate him, but he persisted in his breviloquence.

Looking back at the last 40 years, we realize: ARCHIE WAS RIGHT!


Good News (I Hope He is Right)

When I started blogging I had a keen interest in commenting on the political happenings of the day.  Over time though I have commented less and less on politics.  Part of the reason is that, keeping up on the news is a emotionally draining experience.  If you love America and the ideals of freedom and liberty, the last 15 years has been a unqualified disaster.  Those of you who are into political history will no doubt point out that the decline has been going on longer than that.  That's true of course, but the last 12 to 15 years have been particularly bad.

Gary North has been a favorite economic and political commentator of mine for several years.  Dr. North has a distinguished career that includes having worked for Ron Paul.  In addition to his academic and political work, he is a Christan.  So I tend to look more favorable on some of his work than I do the 3 P libertarians, who come across as simple minded hedonists who lack the social skills required to score with the ladies.

Dr. North recently published an article, Why We are Not on the Road to Serfdom. From the title you've no doubt figured out that the piece is a play on Hayek's 1944 book of the same name.  Dr. North invests some ink in laying down a historical back drop and then he drops this gem on on us:
So, why all the weeping and wailing? Why all the despair? Why do people think that the juggernaut of the modern Keynesian state is not going to go off the tracks? Why do we think that the bureaucrats in Washington have any insight into how anything works? Why do we think the Establishment, which has to rule by way of bureaucrats in Washington, is in a position to direct the American economy? Has any Establishment-crafted decree matched the culture-changing influence that Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg have had -- a pair of Harvard dropouts?
He goes on to explain on the basic system is flawed to such a point that it will collapse under the weight of its own mismanagement.
If the federal government cannot increase the percentage of taxes that it collects from the American people, which it has not been able to do since 1947, then there are distinct limits on the expansion of the federal government. We are not moving into a comprehensive tyranny. We are moving into a time in which the federal government is going to go bankrupt, and when it does, it will lose more power than it has ever lost since 1788. Bankrupt means bankrupt. Washington's checks will bounce or else not buy much. Bankruptcy means the federal government will not be able to pay the bureaucrats. Bankruptcy means the federal government is going to shrink in its ability to interfere with our lives. This is the meaning of the Great Default.
Dr. North doesn't pretend that the transition is going to be painless, but he does offer a glimmer of hope.  The system is going to fail, it's just a matter of time, and maybe we will learn and apply the lessons of economic history and embrace limited government again. Why We are Not on the Road to Serfdom is worth your time to read.  I recommend you invest in reading it if you are interested in a little ray of hope from the coming change.


Dear Math

For Water Boy:

Dear Math,

Stop asking us to find your X.
She's not coming back and don't ask Y either.


Doing 3 to 5 for Milk?

As far as I know nobodies actually gone to jail, yet for drinking raw milk.  No doubt, Obama has that slated for his second term.  It's milk for crying out loud.  I'm amazed that our country is moving towards an attitude that smoking pot is a personal choice that the government should butt out of, but that drinking raw milk is a concern for government regulators.

People who want raw milk have to go out of their way to get it.  Its not like people are drinking it by mistake or that they don't know what they are doing.  The nation would be better served if the resources used for "milk enforcement" were dedicated to any number of other more important things, like reducing the deficit.  If our government has money to spend checking out the milk in peoples refrigerators, than it has too much money.

Who's Your Daddy?

Astro has an interesting set of pics up at his place concerning who Obama’s father is.  Its interesting from the stand point that if Davis is Obama's father, he is constitutionally eligible to president  Is Davis Obama’s father?  I don’t know  and I doubt Obama even knows for sure.  Only a DNA test will solve it.

Ann Dunham wasn’t real choosey about who she would sleep with considering she was a nice upper middle class white teenager in the 50’s.  I think what happened was Ann got knocked up at 15 or 16, by black guy name unknown, maybe Davis maybe not.  Abortion was illegal in the USA.  She was going to have a baby.  To avoid disgrace mom and dad moved to Hawaii and got a “more acceptable” African to claim paternity.  Apparently he got to nail Ann as well.  Nobody worried about the fact that Obama Sr. was already married and according to US law, wasn’t legally able to marry Ann.  I really do think Ann went to Kenya to have the baby, but that’s another story and doesn’t matter a bit if Obama’s biological father was a US citizen.

Obama then bounced around as a kid never really adopting American values or upbringing.  He met Davis, a radical Anti-American communist labor and race agitator.  B.O. seems to have adopted his views and bought into the left wing political view point from an early age. B.O., thanks to his white grandfathers foresight had the best possible backstory for the liberal 1960’s and 70’s as well as credible, although not admissible, documentation to help back up his story.  With his back story B.O. was able to gain access to an Ivy League academic credential.  That in turn lead him to a life of easy money and politics.

The only problem is that if Obama is telling the truth and his father is from Kenya, he’s not a natural born citizen, regardless of his place of birth.  Therefor he is not eligible to be president.  Is B.O. telling the truth?  I doubt if he even knows himself.  If Ann Dunham knew who Obama’s father really was, she took that secret to her grave.

All we know is:

1.      B.O is a bastard.  Incidentally we knew that already, both figuratively and literally.

2.      B.O. is  a liar.  We’re not sure what he’s lying about or why at this point. 

3.      B.O. is the most Anti-American to ever be elected to the Whitehouse.

4.      If the Republicans run Mitt, he won’t do anything different than B.O.  Sure the payoffs will go to different people, but the corruption will be the same.


Random Thoughts

Barrack Obama has been declared the first Gay President.  I believe Drudge reported this three years ago.

Ron Paul has decided to use his campaign's war chest to maximize his ability to get delegates at the convention.  No doubt this strategy is based on three factors: #1 He has a limited amount of money on hand.   #2 He wants to get the most bang for his buck.  #3 He is unwilling to spend money he doesn't have in order to elevate his personal position of power.  I note that the media has labeled this situation as "withdrawing from the race".  Nothing could be further from the truth.  He is still in it to win it.  He needs a brokered convention to make that happen, or at least a second round of voting to unbind the delegates.  It seems that in America today, fiscal responsibility is viewed as "quitting".  To be fair, no one inside the beltway understands the concept of not spending money you don't have.  This one fact makes Ron Paul the only person running with enough common sense to do the job, while simultaneously making it nearly impossible for him to obtain it.

We have an interesting situation developing in the presidential race.  Short of a upset at the republican convention it seems that Mitt ($50 abortions, communist health care, love that butt sex) Romney will be running against Barrack (love that butt sex, I wish I was a women so I could have an abortion, communist health care) Obama.  Clearly this election is going to be a contest between the evil of two lessors.

If Ron Paul's name fails to appear preprinted on my ballot, I will write him in, just like last time.

All the talk about Obama Care facing serious problems at the Supreme Court is political theater.  I will cheer if the whole mess is thrown out, as it should be, it will never happen.  Kagan, who apparently never heard of judicial ethics, wouldn’t even consider recusing herself from hearing arguments. Only an idiot would think that (lack of) Justice Kagan, who worked for Obama and who drafted the very legal arguments used to defend the bill would vote against her own work product.  Let’s do the math.  The Supreme court has nine justices.  Four are confirmed communist nut jobs who hate America, two are RINO’s and one could go either way.  As I see it that’s 6 or maybe 7 votes in favor of Obama care, a clear majority.  Maybe, and I say maybe, 2 justices still have the smallest shred of remembrance and concern for the constitution, that’s still 5 to 4 and Obama wins.  The first ladies “confidential” news leak regarding her concern that B.O. will see himself as a “loser” if Obama (lack of) Care isn’t ratified, is mere propaganda.  Don’t worry Michelle, your husband is still a loser. So are the rest of us now thanks to Obama Care.  It’s going to stand and the economy is going to fall, even farther.



Guns and Ballots

Madison WI State election officials say local governments can ban concealed weapons at all polling sites, from city halls to assisted living homes.

Thats a policy we need in America.  What are they thinking in Wisconson?

Disarm the voters that way the Black Panthers can feel safer.

Next they'll want to put the ballots in Spanish.  Oh wait, been there, laid the legal fondation for that.

Here's a thought, only people who are carrying legal guns should be allowed to vote. 


Spell Check...

...Only does so much.

Peasants are of course, a kind of people and South Dakota no doubt has a few.

Pheasants are a tasty bird best hunted with Gods gift to man, the German Wirehaired Pointer.

I have it on good authority that peasants dislike being hunted by foreigners, or citizens for that matter.  There is no word on how the ringneck pheasant feels about being hunted, however they as of yet haven't figured out how to use a shotgun.  Word on the street is that, at least in South Dakota, the peasants have mastered the firearm, and they dislike being shot at.  So take your changes accordingly if you venture to Mitchel this fall in pursuit of either variety.

The correction has been made in my last post.  Thanks for the email.

Gun Control I Agree With

A federal appeals court says illegal immigrants don't have a right to own firearms under the U.S. Constitution.

Emmanuel Huitron-Guizar of Wyoming pleaded guilty to being an illegal immigrant in possession of firearms after his arrest last year. He was ordered held by immigration authorities at the Natrona County Detention Center in Wyoming.

An attorney for Huitron-Guizar appealed the case, saying illegal immigrants are not excluded from possessing firearms like felons and people who are mentally ill, and should have the same rights as U.S. citizens to buy a gun for hunting and protection.

The 10th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals in Denver ruled Monday that illegal immigrants have only limited protection under the Constitution.
Huitron-Guizar's attorney didn't return a call seeking comment.
As a rule I'm for less gun control.  Unless of course by "gun control" you mean using both hands.  If you break the law to get in the country, you shouldn't have the same rights as the rest of us, BECAUSE by definition you are a CRIMINAL just being here.  I note that people who enter the US legally still may own/use/possess firearms.  SO if you happen to want to come for a visit and attend a shooting match, or go on a South Dakota pheasant hunt, you may.



2012 License Draw Results

            License Type                                                       Results
            RESIDENT BIGHORN SHEEP                         Unsuccessful
            RESIDENT MOOSE                                          Unsuccessful


A Capella

His name is Nick McKaig. I got a kick out of the Vid. The guys got talent, and some time on his hands. He's got some other cool stuff on You Tube to check out.

I know this isn't really new. At least not new in the sense of doing the Star Wars theme vocally. In 1977 my friends and I would sing it loud and proud while pedaling our bikes as hard as we could doing "jumps" in the fill dirt mounds in the field behind our house.

P.S. For extra effect, read the link in the post below while listening to the vid.


For Astro

NASA Announces Plans To Put Man On Bus To Cleveland
CAPE CANAVERAL, FL—Hailing the dawn of a new era in long-distance highway travel, NASA officials unveiled Monday the agency’s ambitious plans to put a man on a bus to Cleveland, OH by early 2013.

The complex and dangerous three-day mission, dubbed “Chariot I,” is expected to pass through six states and include two brief transfers in Atlanta and Louisville in both directions, at a reported total cost of $360 dollars plus taxes and fees.
It was not reported if the reason for the mission was budget constraints or a test of the limits of the agencys abilities.

According to Bolden, barring any weather-related delays or the driver not showing up for some reason, the bus will depart from a station in Orlando on a north-northwesterly path following the curvature of Interstate 75 though the inhospitable central regions of Georgia, Tennessee, and Kentucky. Once it reaches Cincinnati, the bus will alter its attitude due east and slingshot around the city, merging onto I-71 for the final 130 mile stretch to Cleveland.
“En route to Ohio the vehicle will pass through some of the most unforgiving environments known to science,” said Bolden, alluding to, among other areas, the barren vacuum of Appalachia with nothing going on for hundreds of miles. “But the dangers aren’t limited to outside the bus—whoever makes the journey will have to contend with a host of toxic smells; loud, unrelenting noises at all hours of the day and night; and highly unstable passengers with whom a lack of eye contact alone does not necessarily guarantee one’s personal safety.”
We also call some of those people "tax payers".
“Right now we are committed to putting a man on a bus to Cleveland and bringing him back safely, but ultimately Cleveland is just a stepping stone,” Lawton said. “If all goes as planned, we’ll have voyages to the outer reaches of Chicago, Minneapolis, and beyond.”

“And who knows?” he added. “Maybe it will even happen in my lifetime.” 
Or maybe not. The main thing is more funding, as long as we get that, its all good.



"The society of the late 20th century America is perhaps the first in human history where most grown men do not routinely bear arms on their persons, and boys are not regularly raised from childhood to learn skill in the use of some kind of weapon, either for community or personal defense. Ours also happens to be one of the rudest and crudest societies in history, having jubilantly swept most of the etiquette of speech, table, dress, hospitality, regard for fairness, deference to authority, and the relations of male and female and child and elder under the fraying and filthy carpet of politically convenient illusions. With little fear of physical reprisal, Americans can be as loud, gross, disrespectful, pushy, and negligent as they please. If more people carried rapiers at their belts or revolvers on their hips it is a fair bet that you would be able to go to a movie and enjoy the dialogue from the screen without having to endure the small talk, family gossip, and assorted bodily noises that many theater audiences these days regularly emit."

Samuel Francis, in "Chronicles"

Daddy Blogging

I've only been a dad for a few short years, but I think I've discovered a totally effective parenting technique that you need to know about.  This method of getting kids to do what you want works so well I almost wish I would have thought of it sooner.

We have a couple of kids that have developed into what some might call "picky eaters".  I feel this has happened due to Mrs Ipsa's easy going, "let the kids eat food they like" attitude.  As opposed to my, "eat it or go hungry" theme or the "no dessert until your plate is clean" that I was brought up on. 

Today for lunch here at Chez Ipsa; I was offering the Mrs Ipsa approved, healthy turkey brat for lunch.  I asked the kids what they thought about that.  They hated the idea.  Turkey brats are, according to the more enlightened members of my culinary critics, "yucky".  I desperately sought out ways to make the meal more tantalizing.  I offered innovative side dishes such as the Ruffles Potato chip (NOT a Mrs Ipsa approved item). The lack of enthusiasm was astounding.  They wanted the standard grilled cheese.  It seems that grilled cheese is the only thing kids can eat between the hours of 11:30 and 12:30 in the afternoon that isn't "yucky".

Sick of the infamous grilled cheese, I resolved to do battle and eat my brats.  Griding up my loins with tongs I marched out to fire up the grill.  That was when the youngest, Little Miss saw the package of sausages in my hand.   She came running across the yard to ask me what I was doing.  Then she started squealing with delight, "its hot dogs"!  "We're not having brats, they're hot dogs, yeah"!  This went on for several minutes.  The boy came over and joined her in celebration.  When they were finished, Little Missed asked, "are we having hot dogs for lunch daddy"?

At that moment I had a moral decision to make.  Do I tell my kids the truth, that turkey brats is what we're eating for lunch, and fight the battle of the taste buds; or do I take the easy way out?  In that tiny little piece of time a ton of thoughts passed through my mind.  Questions of ethics, my Christian upbringing, the importance of always telling the truth, and the all important "if I lie now, will they trust me on more important stuff latter", all rushed through my mind.  I made my choice.

I'm proud to say that, I calmly explained the difference between brats and hot dogs and my children said they understood and enjoyed them just as much, I lied like a dog.  "Yes honey I'm making hot dogs, just for you", I said with a big smile on my face.  So as long as you're not worried about little things like, burning in hell or having your children trust your judgement and integrity latter in life, I recommend lying through your teeth as an effect tool for parenting.