All in the Family featured the curmudgeonly Archie Bunker. Archie was television’s most famous grouch, blunt, blustering, straightforward and untouched by the PC crowd. He was the archetype of the conservative male. Michael desprately tried to reeducate him, but he persisted in his breviloquence.

Looking back at the last 40 years, we realize: ARCHIE WAS RIGHT!


Worthy of Reprinting

A Torrent of Darkness, Part II

”Frederick the Great was once asked why it was that he chose his officer corps only from the Junkers of Prussia, rather than other groups. Why not a clever baker's son from Dresden? What's wrong with a solid farmer from Pomerania?

"Nein," he replied, explaining his preference for the Junkers, "Because they will not lie and cannot be bought."

Great empires depend on a reliable professional class of military officers, administrators and businessmen. Britain had them when it ruled the waves. They came out of the public (we would call them private) school of "Tom Brown's School-days," and were packed off into the Her Majesty's civil service. Many were incompetent. But few were dishonest.

America never really had a specific class of civil servants; the place was always too big and too mobile. As good a military man might spring from the coalmines of West Virginia as from the citadels of the East Coast elites. So might a good businessman arise from the cattle ranches of Texas as from the counting houses of San Francisco. The history of World War II, for example, is the tale of how they came together and got the job done. They too were often hopelessly naïve and incompetent - compared, say, to the more experienced Germans. But very few stole. Very few lied. Very few shirked, ducked, or jived.

If I ever run for public office I think I’ll borrow from Fredrick’s answer and use it for a campaign slogan:

“I won’t lie and I refuse to be bought.”

What a refreshing thought if our Congresscritters and civilserpents started embracing it now.

Thursday Night Results

This is my last night to shoot for the next 4 weeks. We have baby birthing classes that I’m going to take part in.

The scenarios weren’t particularly exciting, steel plates for time and accuracy. Sometimes basic drills are the best for improving skills. This week I broke 6 seconds on my reloads, not bad considering I haven’t been concentrating on them. Still can’t break 1.5 on a draw and hit. I’ve learned that switching between a full size 45 and a commander size gun is a mistake it takes 2 or 3 run throughs to get used to the feel of the gun again.

Product updates:
I bought a solid steal cleaning rod from Pro Shot this summer. Great product I’m really liking it.

Chip McCormick Power Mags, I’m real close to changing my opion on this product form mostly favorable to waste of money. Out of the 5 brand new mags that I’m shooting this summer I have had two bad ones. Tonight I had a new and interesting magazine malfunction. I have never had a mag fail to release the round after cocking the slide fully to the rear. Clearing the jam required me to forfeit the stage for failure to finish and disessemble the fully load mag in the gun and force the bullet out with a screwdriver. I’m less than happy. If this happens again its by by Chip.


La Leche, Nuts With Boobs

This started out as a response to Spacebunny, but after 5 min I realized that my rant was longer than just a comment.


The thing is most of the Nipple Nazi crowd that we’ve been enduring don’t even ask what our plans are. They assume because the Mrs works in a hospital that she is anti everything they religiously believe in.

Mrs Ipsa is one of the most well educated people I have ever known when it comes to understanding both the traditional medical model and alternative/natural/preventive medicine. After finishing her internship she’s logged hundreds of hours of CME’s (Continuing Medical Education credits) including a lot of time with so called alternative approaches. She doesn’t go around preaching about either one. She learned a long time ago that people who care about learning more will seek her out, until then she keeps it to herself. It bugs her to no end to have women with obvious health risks preach to her about things they have no idea about. Picture a women who is 80 to 100 lbs over weight, never finished college, griping about how ignorant/bad/harmful doctors are and doing it with “research articles” that are misspelled, use poor grammar, faulty logic and rely on personal testimonials to “prove” they are scientific.

“Epidurals Kill” was one of the articles. Shoving Twinkies in your face and not going on walks kill too. Feeding your kids crap kills. My wife has never sent anyone (unless requested) info on improving their health. What would be this gals response be to an article “Dessert After Dinner, Turning Your Kids into a Porker and Killing them by 40”?

We have put a lot of thought into this baby. I think I’ve mentioned that at 40 we didn’t think we’d have kids. We are very grateful that we are, it is an unexpected blessing. For the record our plans are:

Labor at home
Natural child birth
No epidural
Quitting her job at some point (sooner being better), part time is still an option
Breastfeeding, but not forever, certainly not till 5 or 6 years
I’m going with her to take birthing classes and be her coach
Immunizations will be on a case by case basis and mercury free
Home school
Sunday school
No dating till 30 if it’s a girl (it worked for mom she got me at 30)
Arraigned marriage
Grandbabies before were too old to enjoy them.

We have every intention of having the baby in the hospital. We don’t have anything against midwives BUT take into consideration that they are only recommended (according to their own literature) for “normal” or “low risk” deliveries. A 40 year old having her first kid isn’t “normal” there are increased risk factors. Yes she is healthy and physically fit, well above average even. No the obstetrician, pediatrician and nurses might not be needed. If we need them, they’ll be right there real handy. Yes I’m paying a lot for that out of pocket. I think it's worth it.

LOL - Bill Takes the Blue Pill?

“I've not seen a weaker argument since someone claimed that Bush was a true Conservative because he was against abortion and gay marriage.”

I thought that was your argument, that and GWB is the second coming of Jesus.

Are you coming around to see GWB as a different side of the same political coin as the democrats?

(How do you make a big ole smiley on a post?)


The Stella Awards

God Bless America and its legal system.

The 'Stellas' are named after 81-year-old Stella Liebeck who spilled coffee on herself and successfully sued McDonalds. That case inspired the Stella awards for the most frivolous successful lawsuits in the United States. Unfortunately, the most recent lawsuit implicating McDonald's, the teen's who allege that eating at McDonald's has made them fat, was filed after the 2002 award voting was closed. This suit will top the 2003 list without question.

Here are this year's winners:

5th Place (tie)
Kathleen Robertson of Austin, Texas, was awarded $780,000 by a jury of her peers after breaking her ankle tripping over a toddler who was running inside a furniture store. The owners of the store were understandably surprised at the verdict, considering the misbehaving little toddler was Ms. Robertson's son.

5th Place (tie)
19-year-old Carl Truman of Los Angeles won $74,000 and medical expenses when his neighbor ran over his hand with a Honda Accord. Mr Truman apparently didn't notice there was someone at the wheel of the car when he was trying to steal his neighbor's hubcaps.

5th Place (tie)
Terrence Dickson of Bristol, Pennsylvania, was leaving a house he had just finished robbing by way of the garage. He was not able to get the garage door to go up since the automatic door opener was malfunctioning. He couldn't re-enter the house because the door connecting the house and garage locked when he pulled it shut. The family was on vacation, and Mr. Dickson found himself locked in the garage for eight days. He subsisted on a case of Pepsi he found, and a large bag of dry dog food. He sued the homeowner's insurance claiming the situation caused him undue mental anguish. The jury agreed to the tune of $500,000.

4th Place
Jerry Williams of Little Rock, Arkansas, was awarded $14,500 and medical expenses after being bitten on the buttocks by his next door neighbor's beagle. The beagle was on a chain in its owner's fenced yard. The award was less than sought because the jury felt the dog might have been just a little provoked at the time by Mr. Williams who had climbed over the fence into the yard and was shooting it repeatedly with a pellet gun.

3rd Place
A Philadelphia restaurant was ordered to pay Amber Carson of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, $113,500 after she slipped on a soft drink and broke her coccyx (tailbone). The beverage was on the floor because Ms. Carson had thrown it at her boyfriend 30 seconds earlier during an argument.

2nd Place
Kara Walton of Claymont, Delaware, successfully sued the owner of a night club in a neighboring city when she fell from the bathroom window to the floor and knocked out her two front teeth. This occurred while Ms. Walton was trying to sneak through the window in the ladies room to avoid paying the $3.50 cover charge. She was awarded $12,000 and dental expenses.

1st Place
This year's run away winner was Mr. Merv Grazinski of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Mr. Grazinski purchased a brand new 32-foot Winnebago motor home. On his first trip home, (from an OU football game), having driven onto the freeway, he set the cruise control at 70 mph and calmly left the drivers seat to go into the back and make himself a cup of coffee. Not surprisingly, the R. V. left the freeway, crashed and overturned. Mr. Grazinski sued Winnebago for not advising him in the owner's manual that he couldn't actually do this. The jury awarded him $1,750,000 plus a new motor home. The company actually changed their manuals on the basis of this suit, just in case there were any other complete morons buying recreation vehicles.

WTW – Worried About the Election

My apologies for not posting anything new since last week, I got tied up.

I was trying to come up with a good White Trash Wednesday post last night when I heard Craig Ferguson mention that Rush Limbaugh got busted in the airport with Viagra. I thought, ohhhh there’s got to be a post in this story.

Rush commented about it on his show explaining that he was “worried about the next election”. Right. It’s all about Hillary. Picture the scene:

President Hillary Clinton invites Rush to the White House. She takes him into the Oval Office, locks the doors and instructs her secretary to hold all the calls, she doesn’t want to be interrupted. Rush walks up to the Presidential desk, Hillary stands and reaches out for Bills old humidor pushing it to the corner of the desk.

Rush, you don’t know how long I’ve wanted to be alone with you, in this office with this cigar box.

You know how much I like a good cigar.

Is that all you like?

I like tax cuts for the rich too.

Is that all? I heard you had some legal problems, I can make those go away.

What’s the catch?

(shoving the cigars and papers off the desk)
Rush, I want to be a real women, make me feel like a real woman.

(taking off his jacket and losing his tie)
You want to feel like a real women?

Yes Rush Yes! Do it for America.

(Rush removes everything but his boxers and piles them on the floor)
Like a real women, not some reptilian skank bent on the destruction of America, right here on the desk? You’ll do anything I say, no matter how degrading, to feel like a real woman?

OH Yes! Rush, Yes! YES!!!

Iron my shirt, Madam President.

WHAT? There aren't enough of these: in the world to make it happen any other way.

Only Good Stories

Guys on occasion are known to say dumb things. Myself included. Sunday afternoon I opened my mouth and opened myself up for a barrage of verbiage that I genuinely hate. I don’t remember the exact exchange but this is the gist of it:

Me: What no birthing horror stories? (never ask a mom for this info, they will give it to you and you don't want to know)

Classy Blond Mother of Four (CBMF): No, only good stories.

Mrs. Ipsa’s pregnancy normally brings out a ton of motherhood/pregnancy/birthing horror stories. Why women feel free in dumping this crap on a expecting mom is beyond me.

I recently had to ask one friend of ours to quit sending us email on the topic. Several times a day this lady sends out all sorts of “articles” about naturalistic child birth. The word ‘articles’ is in quotes because they contained so little scientific info that they were useless. Not only that but much of the material read more like an advertising slick than scientific research. This woman’s entire philosophy can be summed up as: all doctors are bad, all midwives are good; hospitals are a portal to hell, giving birth in your bath tub good, vaccines bad, polo good; pharmaceuticals bad, home remedies good; breast feed till they can buy beer, etc. After getting enough articles with titles like “epidural kills” “c section kills” etc, I had to put a stop to it.

CBMF, thank you for being gracious, tactful and not dumping on us, when I asked for it. It’s nice to know people who are considerate and want to share “only good stories”. It makes this happy time even more enjoyable when people like you share a little sunshine. You are truly a class act.

Thank you.


Thursday Night 6-22-06

This week at league we had a low turn out. Every year American Firearms Training and Tactics comes to Wyoming to spend a long weekend putting on classes. The things they do are pretty cool. They have everything from basic handgun to tactical/combat to jumping out of helicopters and live fire assaults. I’ve wanted to go and take the combat handgun and 1000 yard advanced rifle classes for sometime but work/disposable cash never seems to come together in the right combination for me to go. Anyway a bunch of our guys are gone this week, including the guy with the good timer.

This week we ran two different scenarios. The first was the draw and shoot 7 plate accuracy exercise that I have a pic of above. Since I didn’t have a timer that worked I don’t have my times this week. I did manage to clear the course in 7 shots. Falling plates set up at different heights and sizes makes for a decent warm up.

Next we moved on to a drill designed by the Patron Saint of the 1911, Jeff Cooper. We ran several El Presidentes. Lame drill but we had a new guy and a new girl that showed up, he wanted to run it after hearing about it. Again no timer but I did manage a few times thru with no deducts (scored all “A” rings). I got 3 or 4 Mozambiques in as well. Someone, not naming names, needs to practice head shots some more.

After taking a ribbing at Nate’s last week I broke down and got the Springfield out of storage and ran drills with it. I still like it, but even for league I’d rather have my short barrel Kimber. I’ve been thinking about making some changes to the Springfield, maybe as a winter project. I might work on the configuration and up grade it to one of their race guns. Who knows maybe I’ll get into using it more after that.


If He Only Had a Brain

Slave trader's descendant begs forgiveness in Africa.

“Sir John Hawkins was a buccaneering Elizabethan seaman and adventurer, who helped his cousin Sir Francis Drake beat the Spanish Armada. And he was also one of the pioneers of the slave trade, becoming the first person to buy slaves in west Africa and sell them to Spanish landowners in the Caribbean.

Now his descendent, Andrew Hawkins, a youth worker from Cornwall, has delivered an extraordinary personal but public apology for his ancestors' involvement in the trade, kneeling in chains in front of 25,000 Africans in a stadium in Banjul, the capital of the Gambia.”

Oh please, Jr didn’t have thing one to do with this. He never bought slaves, owned slaves or traded in slaves. We aren’t responsible for the sins of those who lived before us.

I want to know who from the nation Gambia came forward to apologize for selling those slaves to a white man in the first place. No one? Really? None of the decedents of the black people who sold other black people into slavery, felt badly enough about it to humiliate themselves. Imagine that. “White mans burden” is taking on a whole other meaning.

There Once Was a Flower from Nantucket

Bisexual orchid does 360-degree twist to self-pollinate

I’d like to comment more on this story, but I think I said more than I should in the title.

WMDs discovered in Iraq

Go here to read the declassified report.

In other related news today:

UN inspectors still unable to locate WMD’s after the Marines took them to a warehouse, let them inside and said “go look in those big boxes”. The same inspectors couldn’t get both hands on their ass even with their head fully inserted.

Democrats tried to lie their way around Bush’s obvious victory:

"These are not the weapons that we went to war over," Democrat strategist Laura Schwartz responded. "It does not tell us that Saddam Husssein had an ongoing, active weapons program."

For the record honey, Bush said he had em and thought he’d use em or provide em to people who’d use em against us. That was the reason Bush wanted to go to war.

I’m glad Bush is vindicated on this point. The nature of human knowledge is that we don’t always have complete information when we make a choice. Bush said they had WMD’s and we needed to go to war, the Dems signed on wholeheartedly and then tried to back out latter claiming they were lied to. Well now we know (as if we didn’t guess) that the Dems are full of BS. They voted for war when the polls said America wanted war, then they came out against it when people changed their minds.

Don’t let the Dems fool you with the “they were old and useless WMD’s”. I’m aquatinted with two people who worked in munitions destruction on Johnston Atol. As recently as 4 years ago they had a guy get bit by inhaled mustard gas that was left over from WWI.


A Little Research

I’ve noticed that with a few exceptions there is little difference in the governing philosophies of US Presidents, at least those that have ruled in my lifetime. It seems that we have steadily moved from individual accountability and freedom towards central planning and restriction. For example: there is little, if any, noticeable difference in Bush the Elder, Bill Clinton and GWB, in terms of key philosophy or values, when it comes to their actions in the White House.

I decided to look for similarities in the backgrounds of the presidents from 1900 to today. The official White House website provided some interesting information, on the educational background of the presidents.





George W. Bush

Yale, Harvard

Harry S Truman

None listed

William Jefferson Clinton

Georgetown, Oxford, Yale

Franklin D. Roosevelt

Harvard, Columbia

George Bush


Herbert Clark Hoover


Ronald Reagan

Eureka College

Calvin Coolidge


Jimmy Carter

Naval Academy

Warren G. Harding

None Listed

Gerald R. Ford

U of MI, Yale

Woodrow Wilson

Princeton, Johns Hopkins

Richard M. Nixon

Whittier College, Duke

William Howard Taft


Lyndon B. Johnson

Texas State University-San Marcos

Theodore Roosevelt

None Listed

John F Kennedy


William McKinley

Allegheny College,

Dwight D. Eisenhower

West Point

For the 20th century Yale is the leader for turning out presidents, followed by Harvard. With the exception of a handful of schools (Eureka, Texas State,) most of the schools are Ivy or Ivy wanabies. The military academies are interesting contributors having produced men of remarkably different levels of leadership.

I notice that these schools tend to be left leaning in their philosophy and at least for the last 50years or so liberal. In the last handful of presidential elections the candidates for president had similar educational backgrounds.

Kerry: Yale; Gore: Harvard; Dole: Washburn Municipal University; Dukakis: Swarthmore and Harvard.

I intentionally didn’t put a (R) or (D) next to the names of the presidents. Take a minute and go thru the list and mentally put your own (L) or (C) next to their name. Which men deserve that “C” for conservative, which ones best preserved a tradition of American constitutional values? I think you might be surprised at how the “L” and the “C” don’t always line up the way you’d think with the “R” and the “D”, especially post WWII.

Conclusion: most of this “evidence” is anecdotal at best, however; we can’t expect to keep electing people with nearly identical educational background to office and think that they will suddenly embrace a worldview or governing philosophy that is radically different than the one they’ve been taught.

Hilary’s First Campaign Ad

Hilary "I can't wait till 2008" video.

WTW Weird Al Does Barenaked Ladies

Nothing Says White Trash like day time TV. The all time undisputed king of WTTV is Jerry Springer. We've got just the song for when you're Jones'n for Jerry. (To the tune of One Week)


It's been one week since we got to see
Cheatin' lovers and cousins that marry
Five days since they had the show
With the hermaphrodite, the slut, and the crack ho
Three days since we heard the tale
About the guy who learned his woman was a she-male
Yesterday it occurred to me
That I've been watchin' a bit too much Jerry Springer

Holy cow, d'you see it last week?
Well, they had this one freak
Who sucker-punched his whole family
Do you recall when the brawl
Became a total free-for-all
And Jerry's in the middle tryin' to be the referee
Hey, see the stripper with the implants
She likes to lap dance
And date the boyfriend of her mother
Now here come's Jerry's next guest
And it's a slugfest
'Cause it's her trailer trash brother
Nymphomaniac is back on crack
It's like "When Animals Attack"
They all exhibit reprehensible behavior
Hit 'em in the nose, tear off their clothes
Step on their toes, that's how it goes
They get so violent they have to sign a waiver

They're always swearin', cursin', kickin' butt, and pointin' blame
On the air? They don't care, they've got no shame
There was one guy who I'm sure felt a little strange
When he found out that his wife had a sex change
They have a tendency to scream and yell constantly
They have a history of ripping off their shirts

It's been one week since they had the fight
With the Siamese twins and the transvestite
Five days since that awful brawl
They still haven't got the blood off the wall
It's been three days since the bitter fued
Between the KKK and that gay Jewish black dude
Yesterday, finally dawned on me
I'm spendin' way too much time on that Jerry Springer

Guy Guest : Baby, I've been sleepin' with your sister
Gal Guest : Oh? Well, which one?
Guy Guest : All of them
Gal Guest : Oh! Well, I've been sleepin' with your best friend Jake!
Guy Guest : Yah? Well, well me too!
Gal Guest : Oh!
Guy Guest : And I've sleepin' with your dog Woofie!
Gal Guest : Woofie, you b-tch!
Gal Guest : Well, I'm also sleepin' with your pet goat!
Guy Guest : That goat doesn't love you!

Once you start watchin', there's just no stoppin'
Your brain shuts down, then your IQ's droppin'
Jerry's the king of confrontation
He's a sensation
He puts the 'sin' in syndication
It's totally worthless, like a bad check
It's like a train wreck
Don't wanna stare but you can't look away
Like Sally Jesse he does talk shows
But with more weirdos
The ratings jumpin' higher everyday
If you've seen the show, well then you know
It's just as low as you can go
The guests are tacky and they're lacking in their hygiene
And pretty soon some ugly goon
Comes in the room and then it's BOOM
In the face of some unsuspecting drag queen

Well it's the kind of show where people scream obscenities
Yankin' hair, throwin' chairs at their hubbies
"Jerry! Jerry!" Now the crowd starts their favorite chant
Should I turn off my TV? I just can't
I have a tendency to watch it religiously
I have a history of taping each one

It's been one week since the show about
Psycho killers with problems they should work out
Five days since the big surprise
When some loser's wife said she's still dating twenty guys
Three days since he interviewed
A bunch of psychic porn star midgets who were all nude
Yesterday, it occurred to me
That I've been watchin' a bit too much Jerry Springer
Tired of wastin' my time on that Jerry Springer
I've got way too much class to watch Jerry Springer
Come over here and pull on my finger


King George, A Democrats Best Friend

I’m not going to blast GWB on this news story from a policy perspective, because it doesn’t matter in terms of national security. There are much more grievous offenses that the administration has committed against, law and order, the constitution, and common sense.

From a political point of view it seems the GWB is trying to hand control of the Presidency and both houses of Congress back to the democrats for the next 50 years. After America’s response to the ports deal, you’d think he might have handled this situation differently.

Any headline that reads “Saudis get scholarships to study aviation in U.S. Program arose from agreement in April by President Bush and Prince Abdullah” can’t play good for Republicans. This story ran on a Webzine that is generally friendly to Republicans.

‘Democrats are weak on defense’, is a Republican standard mantra. Next election, no matter what Hillary’s voting record on the war, she’ll be able to claim that had she been president that she'd have done two things differently.

  1. Closed the boarders
  2. Not helped Saudis get scholarships to learn how to crash airplanes into buildings.
At the rate GWB is going, the Lizard Queen is going to be able to openly advocate all her leftwing anti-American views and STILL run to the far right of this president.


Vaction 1995

The bright light known as G.F FireFly reminds me of a story.

In 1995 I was vacationing on Isle Royal. My plan was to rent a canoe and paddle around the island and fish. I loaded my backpack with gear and headed to Copper Harbor where I hoped a fairy ferry to the Park.

I arrived and the weather turned to crap. It rained all night soaking my camp and gear. By the time it started to get light I was ready to get moving just to warm back up. I loaded my gear into the canoe and started out. By the time I got to the north end of the bay on the north end of the island I was ready to fish for some lake trout. I started fishing by 9 and was having a wonderful time casting and trolling the big boulders that stretched out into Lake Superior.

About 9:45 I hooked a decent fish (35 to 40lbs) and he started a run to the north out into the lake. Between the breeze and the fish I was a good 1000 yards off shore before bring him to hand. As I was getting him into the boat the wind really kicked in, turning my canoe sideways to the waves. As I reached for the gills to heft the fish in, the boat nearly swamped. I dropped the trout and fell towards the wave side of my canoe at the same time, saving the boat from swamping but losing the fish.

I was able to recover my paddle out of Superior and got the canoe facing back into the wind and towards the Island. I started paddling. I spent the rest of the morning and the entire afternoon fighting the wind to make shore. About 7 o’clock I made it to the safety of the north harbor and land. I pulled the canoe onto shore unlashed the backpack and unrolled my still wet sleeping bag. Too tired to set up camp I claimed a park shelter and collapsed for the night.

I spent the rest of my trip close into shore enjoying the sights and hooking an occasional pike. The day I spent paddling in the big lake had its toll. When I dropped the fish I also lost my hat. My face, neck, head and arms were severally sun burnt. They were so bad that when my face peeled a few days latter all the skin came off in one big sheet.

Yeah So What

This is ground breaking news?

“Dr Laurence Shaw, deputy medical director of the Bridge Centre fertility clinic in London, said females had been programmed by two million years of evolution to have babies in their late teens and early twenties, when fertility is at its peak.”

People used to have kids early in life. It’s not a big deal or unnatural. My great-grandparents had their first when great-grandma was 17, the next generation my grand-parents waited till grandma was 18 my mother was a bit of a old lady having me at 22.

Biology is in favor of having kids younger. Guys want rubber free sex. Always have, always will. Girls want whatever it is that you want that we’ll gladly promise in order to get sex. Either way, some hot lusty passion will, if practiced long enough, produce kids. The way we’re designed once you start having sex no one wants to give it up. Unfortunately for girls, that extra horny period that we guys love so much, hot pants heaven, is the time you’re most likely to get pregnant. Not a big deal, its just the way we’re made.

The only people that seem to have a problem with this are the so called “enlightened ones” of the liberal left. For some reason they are threatened by the female of the species being/wanting/evolving to have babies at an early age.


How will President Bush react to Mexican drug cartels taking over U.S. cities?

He'll take strong action to make sure the Mexican cartels fail

He'll use the bully pulpit to get Congress to take appropriate steps, as well as deport illegals out of the U.S.

He'll fight even harder to allow more Mexicans to become Americans, or at least work here legally

He'll pay lip service to the issue, but do nothing substantive to solve the problem

Since it deals with cities, he'll say it's a local issue for local governments to address

He'll ignore the report, and say the problem doesn't exist

He'll do what he usually does. Absolutely nothing, and perhaps say Tom Tancredo is a nut

He'll consult his New World Order advisers for advice on any action

The takeover is exactly what he wants to happen


I love these WND polls. Not because they mean anything but because they give such interesting choices. I wonder what Bush would do if someone told him the Cities the Mexican gangs took over were in Iraq. Probably ask congress for 200 quad billion bucks to fight them. Since the gangs are in American cities he’ll likely do nothing meaningful.


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WWCD, What Would Chesty Do?

"The Marines I have seen around the world have the cleanest bodies, the filthiest minds, the highest morale, and the lowest morals of any group of animals I have ever seen. Thank God for the United States Marine Corps!"
Eleanor Roosevelt, 1945

US Marine Corporal Joshua Belile made up a song about shooting Iraqis. Some of the words to the song:

"I grabbed her little sister and put her in front of me. As the bullets began to fly, the blood sprayed from between her eyes, and then I laughed maniacally.

"I blew those little f--kers to eternity. ... They should have known they were f--king with the marines."

This song has the sand-niggers panties in a bunch. Too freaking bad. I understand that to a normal person this song sounds really really bad. News flash: Marines aren’t normal people. What they are is highly tuned instruments of death. Every Marine is first and foremost a rifleman. They are expected to kill whomever their told to. They are expected to fight anyone anywhere they are ordered to go. They will do this with outdated weapons, little water, no food, no sleep, poor supplies and little moral support at home. As they have done since 1775.

The way they psyche themselves up to do this is part of their training. Every Marine is broken down and rebuilt in the image of the Corps. They tell themselves from day one that they are the hardest toughest SOB’s to walk up right on two legs, they are God’s answer to over population of the species, they are Marines.

"You cannot exaggerate about the Marines. They are convinced to the point of arrogance, that they are the most ferocious fighters on earth- and the amusing thing about it is that they are."
Father Kevin Keaney
Korean War

It’s worked. Marines have kicked terrorist butt from the shores of Tripoli to Afghanistan. They have overthrown nations, they fought Belleau Wood, Iwo Jima, Guadalcanal, Saipan, Okinawa, Inchon, Chosin Reservoir, and Vietnam. Today they dodge IED’s in Iraq.

"We're surrounded. That simplifies our problem of getting to these people and killing them."
Chesty Puller at the Chosin Reservoir

Some Cpl. who’s been trained to believe that he is the angel of death, makes up a song about killing people that he’s been ordered to kill. What’s the big deal? Why is this a surprise to anyone? Oh I get it, the towel heads that kill their own women and children, that blow stuff up, that advocate killing all Americans including civilians, they feel bad about his song. Boo freaking hoo.

What’s got my dander up is that the Marines are acting like this guy actually did something wrong. To date the USMC has largely resisted the PC forces. That’s why they’re still effective at doing their job. I doubt that Gen Hagee gives a rip about my opinion on this so I’d like to remind him what other Marines have said:

"The bended knee is not a tradition of our Corps."
General Alexander A. Vandergrift, USMC, to the Senate Naval Affairs Committee,
5 May 1946

"Being ready is not what matters. What matters is winning after you get there."
Lieutenant General Victor H. Krulak, USMC, April 1965.

"Our Country won't go on forever, if we stay soft as we are now. There won't be any AMERICA because some foreign soldier will invade us and take our women and breed a hardier race!"

"Ensure that no Marine who honorably wore the eagle, globe and anchor is lost to the Marine Corps family."
General James L. Jones Jr., Commandant of the Marine Corps

Commandant of the Marine Corps Gen. Michael W. Hagee, you have a Cpl that’s surrounded by the enemy, pined down, out numbered, and taking fire from all sides, including the USMC, its time to step up and defend him. He's done nothing wrong. If you can’t do that, turn in your dress blues, the PC military is ready to issue you a blue dress.

“If you've got them by the balls their hearts and minds will follow.”

Since the USMC is now interested in playing politics with this Marines life, its time to let the politicians know how you feel about the situation. Creating something bad for the PR brass to deal with isn't a court martial offense.

Commandant of the Marine Corps Gen. Michael W. Hagee
Phone: (703) 614-1034
Fax: (703) 614-2358

Thursday Night Gun Fight 6-15

Tonight was all about speed on 5 steel targets. The targets are 30in tall steel poppers that fall over when shot. They were stationed in a 6 foot wide arrangement similar to a bowling pin lay out. The drill was to draw and fire knocking down as many poppers as quickly as possible.

Good news: I broke 1.5 seconds out of the holster. (Draw, shoot & hit)

Bad news: I can make the first hit but the follow ups kick my butt. My fastest draw was also my worst time, over 13 seconds.

Better news: once I figured out that my problem was being way too antsy, I settled down and took more time on the draw and got my act together.

Bad news: All but a handful of runs took me 6 or more shots to clear the course.

Results: After getting my act together I was able to post scores in the high 5’s to lower 6’s, (mostly 6’s, I broke 6.0 once) but I still needed 6 shots to clear the course (all but twice). Taking longer (around 2.0) on the draw dramatically improved my times overall.

My best time was still way high of the 3.55 seconds posted tonight. I hate to say it but a Glock has a much faster cycle time than any make of 1911 45 acp, at least as they come from the factory. In this scenario a Glock would cut an entire second off the best time just on cycle speed.

Gun questions:

Do any of you have any experience mixing “Ed’s Red” gun cleaning solvent? What are your results with it?



High Court Backs Police No-Knock Searches

SCOTUS has ruled that no-knock and no-announce searches, when accompanied by a court issued search warrant are legal and proper.

My question is; given that the police on occasion accidentally search the wrong house, what protection do innocent citizens have against the police?

For instance: its 2 am the cops don’t knock and don’t announce themselves as police. They proceed to do an armed insertion into the wrong house. The home owner awakened from his sleep by the sound of people breaking into his home grabs his firearm and defends his home against armed invasion. Several outcomes are possible, let’s just focus on two. The homeowner can shoot and kill police or the homeowner himself may be killed.

If the homeowner kills a cop, will the court hold him responsible?

If the cops kill the homeowner will they be charged with murder?

My opinion on this is: By not announcing themselves as police, and by entering the wrong house, the police are criminal aggressors and loose all semblance of authority, whatever happens after that point is the result of their illegal action, therefore the cops would be guilty of first degree murder if they killed a homeowner. If the homeowner kills his attacker he has done nothing wrong, self-defense applies.

This scenario may seem a little far fetched, but I predict its only a matter of time before it comes to pass.


A Step in the Right Direction

It’s about time:

Feds arrest 2,100 in illegals sweep

“In a nationwide blitz called Operation Return to Sender, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers have arrested nearly 2,100 illegal immigrants since May 26.

Officials are targeting child molesters, gang members, violent criminals and others, who have returned to the country after being deported by a judge, the Associated Press reported.”

Just think what we could do with some reasonable measures akin to those practiced in nations ruled by the religion of peace. First offense by an illegal we photo, fingerprint, take a DNA sample and deport you. Second offense after deportation we lob off a arm or a leg if your caught coming back. Third offense death. America needs to be more multi cultural in our legal system. The illegals would be a good place to start.

You’ve Got to be Kidding

Dads told: Don't sleep around on pregnant wives

"Men will be told by the Government "not to have affairs" while their wives are pregnant in a taxpayer-funded information pack on how to be better fathers.

The Dad Pack, launched today at a cost of £50,000, is illustrated with cartoons and proffers advice to fathers-to-be…”

Where to begin? The Brits spent over $75,000 US dollars to publish a handout telling men not to cheat on their wives when they’re pregnant. How dumb is the average Brit male? If she smacks you silly for something when it’s PMS what do you think is going to happen this time buddy? She’s fat, she’s hormonal, she’s gonna kill you, and the court is gonna let her off with a warning. If she gets a women judge she’s gonna get mother of the year.

WTW-Hands On

I’m not into fashion, but something strikes me as handy about this girl’s outfit. I don’t think she should be wearing it in public, but that could just be my sense of physical beauty. If the gal was 15 years younger, perkier or not as flabby, I might feel differently. This week you be the judge, White Trash or just good fun? Vote in the comments.


Wisdom from Spacebunny


1. An armed man is a citizen. An unarmed man is a subject.

2. A gun in the hand is better than a cop on the phone.

3. Glock: The original point and click interface.

4. Gun control is not about guns; it's about control.

5. If guns are outlawed, can we use swords?

6. If guns cause crime, then pencils cause misspelled words.

7. Free men do not ask permission to bear arms.

8. If you don't know your rights you don't have any.

9. Those who trade liberty for security have neither.

10. The United States Constitution (c) 1791. All Rights reserved.

11. What part of "shall not be infringed" do you not understand?

12. The Second Amendment is in place in case they ignore the others.

13. 64,999,987 firearms owners killed no one yesterday.

14. Guns only have two enemies: rust and liberals.

15. Know guns, know peace and safety. No guns, no peace nor safety.

16. You don't shoot to kill; you shoot to stay alive.

17. 911 - government sponsored Dial-a-Prayer.

18. Assault is a behavior, not a device.

19. Criminals love gun control -- it makes their jobs safer.

20. If guns cause crime, then matches cause arson.

21. Only a government that is afraid of its citizens tries to control them.

22. You only have the rights you are willing to fight for.

23. Enforce the "gun control laws" we have, don't make more.

24. When you remove the people's right to bear arms, you create slaves.

25. The American Revolution would never have happened with gun control.

26. "...A government of the people, by the people, for the people..."

This is Cool

100 year old man, 92 year old wife, married 75 years.

Just before his cake was brought to his table, Edna Purdy, 97, handed her husband a napkin that read "Life begins at 100."

He looked up.

"Let's begin," he said.


Music Still on MTV….

I’m a radio scanner I hear a song I like and listen to it, if the next song stinks or it’s a commercial I hit scan. I was telling WaterBoy that the drive down to his place Friday was good because it was a good radio day. Country, rock, classic rock and even the pop radio stations were playing stuff I liked Friday. It made for a good ride.

Sunday was a different story. SR-71 summed it up in 1985.

Where’s the mini-skirt made of snake skin
And who’s the other guy that's singing in Van Halen
When did reality become T.V.
What ever happen to sitcoms, game shows…

She hates time make it stop
When did Motley Crue become classic rock?
And when did Ozzy become an actor?
Please make this stop

And bring back
Bruce Springsteen, Madonna
Way before Nirvana
There was U2 and Blondie
And music still on MTV
Her two kids in high school
They tell her that she’s uncool
Cuz she's still preoccupied
With 1985

The scan feature finally came to my rescue. Some radio station was playing a bunch of music that we used to dance to in school. This was their “Old School Dance Jams” program. Anyway it was better than listening to ghetto crap on the radio and driving by deer and antelope.

So I’m rocking out to the stuff the cool kids jammed to, doing about 95 when out of nowhere a state trooper comes flying up behind me with his lights on. As I’m thinking about putting my seat belt on and pulling over, he pulls along side me and gives me the thumbs down sign. I interpreted this to mean "slow the heck down" and I did. He kept on going. Wyoming cops have better things to do then write tickets.

You can tell a lot about a radio station by the commercials they play. The “dance Jams” program was sponsored by adult diapers, (which I almost needed at the time), Viagra, hair replacement, varicose vein treatments, electric hair removal (get rid of the post menopause mustache), AARP membership drive, Medicare supplemental insurance etc.

We used to call music from the mid 70’s Classic Rock. Now it’s Geezer Rock.

The first album I ever bought had a song with the line, “cold beer, hot lights, my sweet romantic teenage nights”. I’ll think up a cool cyber prize for anyone who can tell me the name of the song and album, without cheating by googling it.

I get why advertisers want to target specific audiences. I’m just having a problem with the whole mixed message going on. What if there was two people that needed these products to go out on a date? You’ve got a gal who needs the veins in her legs fixed and her stache gone before she can attract a guy who needs his bald spot fixed before he can pop a penis pill to re-live prom night.

What’s going on in their heads? I can hear the pick up line now: “hey baby you’re so fine you got me popping handfuls of little blue pills”. Imagine that the line works, 40 something or older chicks with hot flashes can’t be too choosy. They hook up. She can insist they keep the lights low, he can pop the magic pill inconspicuously. How do you explain the adult diapers as lingerie? Do they come in a red lacy style? Wait don’t tell me, I don’t want to know. I'm still to young.