All in the Family featured the curmudgeonly Archie Bunker. Archie was television’s most famous grouch, blunt, blustering, straightforward and untouched by the PC crowd. He was the archetype of the conservative male. Michael desprately tried to reeducate him, but he persisted in his breviloquence.

Looking back at the last 40 years, we realize: ARCHIE WAS RIGHT!


It's Official...

Micheal Bloomberg is an old women.
Citing national security concerns and the war on terror, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg asked New York Gov. Michael Cuomo to ban the sale of children’s fireworks.
City officials worried that sparklers — handheld fireworks that emit colorful sparks and are often waved through the air by kids on the Fourth of July — could be used in terrorist attacks, according to The New York Post.

If kids have sparklers then the terrorists win??? WTF! 

The last time I was in NYC it was 1989.  I wish I hadn't been there then.  Is there a more pathetic group of tittering old women outside of California than New Yorkers?  You can't smoke a cigarette in NY, or buy a big gulp or do any number of "normal" activites because its illegal.  That's right they actually threaten to throw people in jail for things like soda's and sparklers.  May history forget that New York was ever part of the United States.


Too Funny Friday

Kids greet Obama in Senegal wearing his photo on T-shirts saying: "Welcome Home Mr President" They know something we don't?
Yes they do; but its not their fault, they don't have American mainstream media to obscure the fact that Obama isn't legally able to hold the office of president.
File this under laugh to keep from crying:
Church of England creating 'pagan church' to recruit members
The Church of England is trying to recruit pagans and spiritual believers as part of a drive to retain congregation numbers.
I guess if the idea is to keep the pews filled then any method will do.  I note that the historical role of the Church of England is to provide a "church" that fits the whim of the times.  This was true when Henry VIII didn't like the teaching of the Roman Catholic Church on marriage and doesn't seem to have changed in the intervening centuries.


Important Questions

Nate and Vox are off at the races on what will destroy us first.  It's an interesting debate, one I note has no winners. 

Vox on his other blog posts daily about the social destruction brought on by the feminist fall out.

Obummer does all in his power to destroy whats left of America and the Republicans rush to his aid eager to be part of the gotterdammerung.

I decided I couldn't properly afford to run around participating in 1,000 yard matches, or rafting in CO or any one of a number of things I love, this summer.

We all still need to eat, and that brings us to that all important summertime debate question: "Gas or charcoal?".

It may come to a shock to you but, I'm not a culinary purest on this point.  I love my gas grill.  It gets used 12 months a year.  I also love my full sized pull behind trailer charcoal AND gas grill that I'm called upon to use from time to time.  For me the question requires a 3 part answer.

The first factor is time.  Do I have time to start a charcoal fire and wait to cook?  No, OK gas it is.

The second factor is taste.  Do I have a particular level of BBQ expectations that I have to meet?  Then it may be charcoal and some hardwood smoking.  This is the default setting for every situation involving beef brisket.  A sub question under taste is what kind of meat am I cooking?  Chicken, fish and shrimp almost always get the gas grill just because its so easy to control the heat and cooking times.

The third factor is how many people am I cooking for?  If its just the family, the Weber is coming out about 90% of the time.  The exceptions to this rule is when I need to come up with a smoked turkey or other slow roasted and smoked meats.

It's BBQ season what do you use and why?


Redneck Lunch

An Irishman, a Mexican, and a redneck were doing construction work on scaffolding on the 20th floor of a building. They were eating lunch and the Irishman said, "Corned beef and cabbage! If I get corned beef and cabbage one more time for lunch, I'm going to jump off this building."

The Mexican opened his lunch box and exclaimed, "Burritos again! If I get burritos one more time, I'm going to jump off, too."

The redneck opened his lunch and said, "Bologna again. If I get a bologna sandwich one more time, I'm jumping, too."

The next day, the Irishman opened his lunch box, saw corned beef and cabbage, and jumped to his death. The Mexican opened his lunch, saw a burrito, and jumped too. The redneck opened his lunch, saw the bologna, and jumped to his death also.

At the funeral, the Irishman's wife was weeping. She said, "If I'd known how really tired he was of corned beef and cabbage, I never would have given it to him again!"

The Mexican's wife also wept and said, "I could have given him tacos or enchiladas! I didn't realize he hated burritos so much." Everyone turned and stared at the redneck's wife.

"Hey, don't look at me," she said. "He made his own lunch!"



In the 1980's I was in Jr high and high school.  For part of that, my parents had me enrolled incarcerated in a Baptist school.  Baptist school is a lot like Catholic school except you can't drink, smoke or dance.  That and there aren't a lot of Irish redheads running around.  Fortunately for me the valedictorians of both the public high school and the Catholic high school were red heads as well as several girls from around the area, who definitely did not adhere to the the teachings of the Baptist brethren whom I was subjected to for 8 hrs a day.

One of the particulates of the religious movements in the 80's was a hatred for the always evil "rock music".  It seems ridiculous to kids today, but at one time, there was a real concern in America about the quality of entertainment.   It was like the video for Twisted Sisters "I wanna rock" or the movie "Footloose", except without the pumped up jam session and dancing at the end.  This is how it was.  Dancing, bad.  Music that might lead to dancing, bad.  Music with electric guitars, bad.  Music which might make you tap your feet, bad.  Any music which might have an, up beat or back beat and potentially be used in  beer commercial, bad, bad and bad. All and I mean all of this music was filled with backward satanic messages that would cause you to get girls pregnant and do bad things to puppies.

The rules were clear, if the music in any way sounded "cool" it was bad, and not in the same way that "bad" was really "good" back then either.  Without any warning the rules got all confused with a new genre of music, Christian rock.  Christian Rock was drums and guitars that sounded like rock music with bible verses on the album jacket and pro religious themes written into the music.  This really blew away the Baptists.  One one hand it was Bible related and on the other it wasn't Bill and Gloria Gaither. 

Eventually we were permitted "Christian Rock" but not the evil "secular rock".  I had great fun with this.  "Mr. Howdyshell, Judas Priest is a Christian group", I lied.  He didn't have a clue so I got away with it.  I guess "Unleashed in the East" might have had some sort of rapture related meaning.  It really pissed me off when someone (a pastors kid) tipped him off that Led Zeppelin's "Houses of the Holy" was less than Holy Spirit inspired.  Oh well you win some and sometimes you have to buy the cassette a second time.

One of the bands that was considered questionable was U2.  On one hand one of their first music releases contained a song that was a blatant rip off from the Old Testament.  On the other hand they were from a Catholic country (bad) and they never claimed to be a Christan band (bad) and then Bono said that they were Christians that happened to be in a rock band and that they didn't want to have the music put into any particular category (worse).  To those I was around, the last part seemed like they were denying Christ and U2 went on the banned list. 

It amuses me to no end that the "debate" on if U2 is a Christian band is still being hashed out 30 years latter.  For those of you that don't know, Focus on the Family when James Dobson was running the place, was for baptists the equivalent of the Pope to Catholics.  Today its somewhat less than that, and for good reason.  Regardless, U2's Bono statement: Yes, Jesus is the Son of God is being treated as some sort of evangelical news flash.  This isn't anything new, he said it 30 years ago too. 

What I want to know is "am I in the clear for peaking down Carry's dress and catching a glimpse of her cleavage and a nipple at a high school dance in 1988"?  We were dancing to the Joshua Tree.  I seem to remember thinking that I might have found what I was looking for, at the time anyway.


Happy Summer

Sometimes a complete waste of oxygen, like Kid Rock, hits the nail on the head.  1989 was a good year and the girls I dated ranged between 17 and 21 and this song pretty much tells it all.

Waterboy, were you still at home in 1989 or had you left?  I know your stomping grounds were to the west of mine.  I remember some fun times at Black Lake, the Kleber and Ocqueoc Falls.  With the exception of the smoking funny things, which I was never into, that was a great summer and the song nails it.

This was a great swimming hole and a good make out spot.  At least it worked out good during my redhead phase.

Make some summer time memories.


Well....They Tried

We have whack jobs here to.  It can't be helped.
(Riverton) – In one of the more bizarre calls to the Fremont County Emergency Dispatch Center is a report from yesterday that a woman at a home in the Gardens North area outside Riverton was possessed by a ‘poltergeist.’
 It was reported to the 9-1-1 Center the woman stopped breathing when sprayed with Holy Water and then went into cardiac arrest when other occupants of the home attempted an exorcism.
At least they tried exorcism.  In other communities they would just let her going on being "that one weird aunt".

It Happens Like that Sometimes

At a party an elderly lady was bemoaning the behavior of the youth of today.

“Look at the girl over there,” she complained. “I don’t know what young girls are coming to! She’s wearing boy’s jeans, a boy’s shirt, and that haircut is so boyish – you wouldn’t know she was a girl at all, would you?”

“Well, as it happens, I would,” came the reply, “because she is my daughter.”

“Oh dear,” said the old lady embarrassed, “I’m so sorry – I didn’t know you were her father.”

“I’m not, I’m her mother.”



I had thought I'd have a great post for you on Saturday.  Technically I still do the problem is that I need pictures to go with it.  The pics are whats holding up the project.

So while I can't do the post I wanted, here is a hint:
I drove over 1,900 miles in less than 48 hrs.
I went through 5 states.
I bought something rare that I didn't expect I would ever be able to find for less than I thought anyone would sell it to me.
I have lots of hope for great things in the future.
Some place between Thursday night and Saturday afternoon I lost my cheap digital camera.  Which is why I don't have the pictures.


Stay Tuned

I hope to have a cool post come Saturday.  Until then you'll have to make due with this one.

You may have heard on the news about a southernCalifornia man put under 72-hour psychiatric observation when it was found he owned 100 guns and allegedly had (by rough estimate) 1-million rounds of ammunition stored in his home.

The house also featured a secret escape tunnel.

My favorite quote from the dimwit television reporter: "Wow!

He has about a million machine gun bullets." The headline referred to it as a "massive weapons cache."  By southern California standards someone even owning 100,000 rounds would be called "mentally unstable." Just imagine if he lived elsewhere:

In Arizona, he'd be called "an avid gun collector."

In Arkansas, he'd be called "a novice gun collector."

In Utah, he'd be called "moderately well prepared," but they'd probably reserve judgment until they made sure that he had a corresponding quantity of stored food.

In Montana, he'd be called "The neighborhood 'Go-To' guy."

In Idaho, he'd be called "a likely gubernatorial candidate."

In Wyoming, he'd be called "an eligible bachelor."

And, in Texas, he'd be called "a deer hunting buddy."


A Year Ago

It has been a year since I wrote my post "Almost" and the "After Action" report.  As way of reminder those posts were about a home invasion situation were I used a gun to defend my home.

Since that incident I have made several changes to improve situational awareness and personal security.  After a years time I have made additional observations:

  1. I am more able on a daily basis to deal with a threat.
  2. Unfortunately it is easy to slack off and not always carry everything I need.
  3. The day you don't have your kit, is the day you will need it, (or come close to needing it).
  4. I have an increased respect for stories like this one about the 72 year old grandmother defending her home.
  5. I thought I would increase my drills.  The opposite has happened.  This is due in part to the ammo shortage and in part to my schedule and time restraints. 
  6. My basic skill level doesn't seem to have suffered much, however I haven't measured it, so its hard to tell.  I did score a one shot, head shot kill, on a coyote in low light with my defensive handgun, so my accuracy seems ok.
  7. After rereading and reflecting on my "After Action" report, I have come to the conclusion that I am less likely today to defend my possessions than I was a year ago.  I would still protect my family and my life (in that order).  My stuff?  Not so much.  Last year, while things were happening, it never entered my head what I was protecting.  A switch flipped in my head and I was in defender mode.  I'd like to think that if the same thing happened again, that experience would temper my response.
  8. I feel an almost evangelistic desire to arm and teach other people how to defend themselves.
  9. Incredibly and despite a lifelong hobby in shooting sports, my interest in firearms has remarkably decreased this last year.  I'm almost apathetic on the topic of guns and shooting in general. 
  10. Number 9 above notwithstanding, the defensive arms industry could improve their products.
  11. The cops I dealt with were great.  That said given the reports of police and government conduct in our nation, the powers that be are increasingly part of the problem and a hindrance to the goal of a safe and peaceful society.

In my situation, no shots were fired, no one was hurt or killed, nothing was stolen and all was ended well.  Since last year I've been more aware of stories in the news about people using a gun to stop a crime.  It's simply amazing how often an armed citizen who is ready, willing and able to use a gun keeps something bad from happening just because they were armed and willing to take a stand.

Alpha Male

Husband: I just saw a very beautiful woman.

Wife: Really? Then what happened?

Husband: I just kept on admiring her, on and on...

Wife (getting irritated): WHAT happened then?

Husband smiled and said: You're still here!

Impress a Girl

An older man, not in the best physical condition, asked the trainer in the gym, "I want to impress a beautiful young girl. Which machine should I use?"

The trainer replied, "Use the ATM machine outside!"


Matt Birk -- Real Man

As most of you know, I don't care all that much about football.  I'm not big on the doctrine of the catholic church either.  So it was a little unusual that this story would catch my eye.
Baltimore Ravens offensive lineman Matt Birk is pro-life — so when it came time for the Ravens to visit President Barack Obama for the annual congratulations to the Super Bowl winners, he decided not to go.
The pro-life NFL player explained his decision:
“I wasn’t there,” Birk told The Power Trip. “I would say this, I would say that I have great respect for the office of the Presidency but about five or six weeks ago, our president made a comment in a speech and he said, ‘God bless Planned Parenthood.’”
Birk, who also took a public stance during the recent gay rights movements that swung through our country last year, is a very open and public Catholic and claims that he took offense to these comments that were made by President Obama. So much so, that he declined a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet and be honored by the President at the White House.
There are a lot of things that I like about this story, the moral tone, the standing up for what you believe in, etc.  What I like best though is the way Mr. Birk handled himself.

Mr. Birk didn't grandstand.
Mr. Birk didn't use the limelight to act out.
Mr. Birk didn't go and misuse the occasion to prove a point.
Mr. Birk didn't call a news conference.
Mr. Birk didn't try to raise awareness for his cause.

What Mr. Birk did do was make a decision about who he would hang out with.  He made that decision based on his values and then he acted accordingly.  When he made that decision I doubt that he gave any thought to it becoming a minor news story.  He knew where he stood and he decided to stand there, no more, no less and no spot light needed.


Good Kid, Bad School

When was the last time you saw this kind of reporting in the US media?

"The Educrats are at it again, they are trying to turn good into bad and bad into good"

"This is a perfect example of when seconds count police are only minutes away"

"Briar did the right thing, so why are Educrats punishing him?"

"this is the educrat way, they want you to believe that you can't do anything"

"we're helping them grow up to be soft individuals and not stick up for whats right, ..and then who's goona be our firemen and police"

"we can't teach them to grow up as weaklings"

Can we get this young man and his family to immigrate to the US?  Seriously, they speak English and are raising the boy right, lets get them US citizenship now.

This news report is worth the 9:02 to watch it.



Mrs. Ipsa and the kids left today for two weeks of being spoiled by the grandparents. 

I'm lonely.  So very, very lonely.  I need a lot of love, yet I have a lot of love to give.  So I went looking for love on the Internet.  This is what I found:

He's only 2 months old.  Of course he is a German Wirehaired Pointer, AKA the greatest dogs on earth.  He's a rescue dog, that's why he's behind bars.  I put in an adoption request and I'm waiting to hear something back.  When you get a pure bread GWP rescue dog they generally don't hunt, which is why they got the boot in the first place.  In the old days they put down pups that didn't show prey drive.  While a non hunter isn't ideal for me, neither is shelling out the cash for the bloodline I want.  Somebody has to poop all over the back yard and I hate not having a dog.


The little guy found a home.  So I'm back to surf'n the web look'n for a friend.

Sticking it to the Man

I have to admit to a rebellious streak.   I had one as a kid.  It seems I still have one now.  I hate being told that I HAVE TO conform to something.  It doesn’t matter what it is.  Being bossed into some activity sets my teeth on edge.  Being told I can’t do something generally has the same effect too.

In my school days this “attitude” caused me some problems.  I realize as an adult that there were lots of different reasons for that.  One of the big reasons was that after several years of being made to feel stupid in the public school system, I realized that I was objectively and measurably smarter than my teachers.  (Giving the Stanford Binet test to kids is NOT always a good idea.  Accusing that kid of cheating and making him retake the test 3 times, is also not a good idea.)  During my school years I got a special kick out of things that made teacher’s and other school authority types look stupid or uncomfortable. 

In unapologetic defiance of a South Carolina school district’s ban on prayer at graduation ceremonies, valedictorian Roy Costner IV shredded his approved speech and rocked the crowd at his high-school commencement – with a reading of the “Lord’s Prayer.”
Who would have thought that reciting the Lord’s Prayer would be an act of civil disobedience?  If they had tried to make us say the Lord’s Prayer in school, I would have fought it all the way.  I don’t have a thing against the Lord’s Prayer, but if you would have tried to MAKE ME say it, it never would have happened.  Likewise it’s extremely silly to tell kids that they have to abandon all faith at the school house door.  Especially since no one on really means that. 

What is meant when separating “church and state” is just that, keeping “church” i.e. Christians out.  If you’re an atheist/materialist your philosophical/religious beliefs are accepted doctrine in a public school.  If you happen to be a Wicca, welcome.  Jewish?  Glad to have you, unless you make the Muslims uncomfortable, in which case jihad is just part of the peaceful religion.  Hindu, Buddhist, Krishna, Jedi Knight, Raelism, Pana Wave, and Pastafarians are all welcome.   Just nobody pray to God in the name of Jesus, cause that would ruin everything.


A Touch of Class

This video is worth a look.  I didn't embed the vid because blogger seems to have issues, the link will take you to web page with the vid. 

What happened was a Jr. High school Band was playing the Star Spangled Banner and the young man on cymbals had an instrument malfunction.  Instead of panicking and chasing after his instrument he had the presence of mind to stand at attention, turn to the flag and salute for the remainder of the performance.  He is being called America's most patriotic kid and getting lots of kudos on the net today.

I think all of that is fine and I respect the fact that he made the right decision and didn't freak out when the performance didn't go right.  That's all he did that was right.  I give him full credit for not blowing the performance, but that's it.  I doubt that they teach proper flag etiquette any more, given the fact this happened in a public school, it would amaze me that anyone there knew that there is such a thing as proper flag etiquette.

Non-uniformed civilians DO NOT have the right to salute the flag.  The proper response is to place ones right hand over the heart and stand at attention.  If a man is wearing a hat it is proper to remove the hat first.  I realize the kid was cute and it was a symbolic gesture and that most kids could give a flying flip about doing something like this today.  I give the boy credit for making the best of the situation and being respectful of his flag and for bringing a touch of class to the occasion.  What would have made this more awesome is if he would have known how to handle the situation properly and done it right.

Now that I've had my say, those of you who are actually vets can tell me how wrong I am.

Punny Thoughts

I couldn't quite remember how to throw a boomerang, but eventually it came back to me.

I used to have a fear of hurdles, but I got over it.

What did the grape say when it got stepped on? Nothing - but it let out a little whine.

The primary responsibility for a child's education is apparent.

For plumbers, a flush beats a full house.

The best way to communicate with a fish is to drop it a line.

Her company distributes gift-boxed cashews, and she has a delivery guy that drives her nuts.


Look for More of This

Before I get into this post I want to say that I don't know all the medical facts in the case.  I don't know the medical data required to make a sound decision, nor do I have the experience to evaluate such decisions on a purely scientific basis.  Medical expertise is not the point in question.  Bureaucratic involvement is.

Family of dying girl seeks direct donor for lung transplant
Family members of a 10-year-old Pennsylvania girl in desperate need of a lung transplant said Sunday that they are devastated that the nation’s top health official did not intervene with an immediate policy change that could save the dying child’s life.
In response, the parents of Sarah Murnaghan, who has end-stage cystic fibrosis, are appealing directly for a lung donation from any family who loses a loved one -- soon.
There is a picture of the little girl with tubes running to her nose that accompanies the story.  She looks very sick, my heart went out to her and her folks.

What the parents want in this case isn't money for the operation.  They want a Washington bureaucrat to change a policy so that their daughter will have a better chance to get a donor lung.  That or they need a huge favor from everyone who reads the story.  IF YOUR KID dies they NEED YOU to PLEASE NAME SARAH as the person to get your dead child's lung.

How do you like them apples?  To save a little girls life you have to get a bureaucrat to do something or convince a perfect stranger in their moment of deepest loss to let someone carve up their own child so you can have the piece that might save yours.

This is what life is going to look like under Obama (lack of) Care.  Need something done? Hope you got some pull with someone setting in the right cubical in DC.  In order to "save" us from the evil of having to use money to get medical care we now have to use "policy" or "pull" to get medical care.

Imagine for a minute that instead of needing a favor to save their little girl, the Murnaghan's needed money.  Imagine its a lot of money say $250,000.  How long do you think it would take them to get the money?  IF they only had half the surgeons fee do you think he'd refuse them and make them put the lung on layaway?  Assume for the moment that they have to have ALL THE CASH up front.  There is less than $50 in my wallet right now, that's all the cash I have between me and next pay day.  Sarah can have it all.  What about you?  All you have is a $10 would you give it?  I'd like to think you would.

I believe that Americans would pony up $250,000 to save a little girls life and do it faster than any government official would or could.  That's whats happened until now.  America has enjoyed a high level of medical care BECAUSE we paid for it.  People form countries that have "free" health care often came to the US to get treatment.  Not only did we have what we needed, we had extra capacity for others.  When someone truly needed something they couldn't pay for, they generally got it anyway.

Your not going to have that anymore.  Now your going to need a bureaucrat to give you permission to keep breathing.  That bureaucrat isn't going to be a kind hearted social worker, or medical professional.  Under Obama (lack of) Care that bureaucrat is going to be an IRS case worker.  I'm sure they will be just as impartial, professional and understanding with your medical care as they are with Tea Party organizations.


Sexual Harassment

Lets see, in America today:
1. Fewer males are going to college.
2. Fewer males are getting married.
3. Fewer males are participating as producers in society in meaningful ways.
4. More males are living in mom's basement.
5. More males are basically drooping out all together.

This should help ugly chicks in wymyns studies majors get more dates.  Feds make flirting sexual harassment.
“Defining any romantic overture as harassment merely because it turns out to be unwelcome – even if it only occurred once, and was not repeated after its unwelcomeness became known – has dire implications for dating,” he wrote. “Since no one is a mind reader, the only way to avoid ever making an ‘unwelcome advance’ is to never ask anyone out on a date.”
This only applies to colleges now.  What happens next?  Will they make illegal to slip into bed late at night rub your wife's butt and say "I'm feeling frisky, do ya wana..."?  Crap, what happens if you didn't know she had a headache?  Jail time? Castration? Sentenced to 100 hours alternating between watching Oprah, Lifetime and A&E?

Shows What I Know

'All in the Family' star Jean Stapleton dies at 90

I always thought that the reason that they cancelled the show was that she died sometime in the early 80"s.  They killed her off in the TV show from a stroke.  I always thought that she had cancer.  That's what you get for believing the story line in a show.  I reviewed her body of work, and I'm ashamed to say that even though I saw a number of the shows she did after 'All in the Family' I don't remember seeing her in any of them.

To give Mrs Stapleton her due, she no doubt had the hardest acting job on 'All in the Family'.  Playing the "straight man" is aways harder than playing the comic, or in Archie's case the buffoon.   Carroll O'Conner was as left wing as they came.  I don't want to seem to be discrediting his acting, I love it, but he was playing up an exaggerated concept of what he believed conservatives were.  Jean on the other hand had to "act down" to a subservient role of the "ding bat".  In my estimation this was much harder to pull off as an actress than any of the other character roles in the program.

Jean Stapleton, you were a wonderful actress and you did good work which I very much enjoyed watching.  "Those were the days", indeed.  Thank you and rest in peace.


At Least They Fired the Chick

Newcastle Wyoming

A nuclear reactor built by a Wyoming teenager isn't enough for a science fair that disqualified him from their competition. Fair officials did not censure the teen for building the fusion reactor, but for entering too many science fairs in the wrong order.
Conrad Farnsworth, an 18-year-old from Newcastle, Wyoming, built the reactor in his father's garage. He ordered some parts online, and traded for other parts he needed. Farnsworth is one of only about 15 students to have ever created such a device, and the first from the Equality State.
Farnsworth's goal - one he had worked toward for four years - was to enter the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair. Rules of the competition allow students to participate in just one regional science fair and later, one larger event, like a state-wide competition in order to qualify.
For those of you who don't know Newcastle Wyoming has one whole stop light and less than 3,000 people living in it.  It's about as po-dunk as you can get without having babies with your sister.  I doubt anyone knew about the "don't enter your working model of a fusion reactor in to many science fairs" rule. 
Because Farnsworth entered both qualifying events, and in the wrong order, the director of the fair, Annie Bergman, reported Farnsworth, and disqualified the teen from the International competition. Her contract was later not renewed by the University of Wyoming who sponsored the event, as officials deemed that she had acted outside her authority.
To me this last paragraph is the most amazing.  Who would have thought that UW would have done such a wise and sensible thing and fire the fruitcake?