All in the Family featured the curmudgeonly Archie Bunker. Archie was television’s most famous grouch, blunt, blustering, straightforward and untouched by the PC crowd. He was the archetype of the conservative male. Michael desprately tried to reeducate him, but he persisted in his breviloquence.

Looking back at the last 40 years, we realize: ARCHIE WAS RIGHT!


Almost Got Kilt

A blog is kinda like a diary, except you put it out there for everyone to read. Tonight feel like I'm writing in a diary. Dear diary, I almost got killed at work tonight.

I was doing my job safely, just like normal and another guy was doing his job safely just like he's done a million times before and still, I almost got killed when one of these nearly ran me over. I'm told, not tonight but I've heard it said, that it costs $20,000 per MINUTE when the mine shuts down a run. That's what they spent for nearly 2 hours because I nearly got kilt tonight. $2,400,000 spent to set down a bunch of miners to talk, because I nearly got killed tonight.

The pit boss came told me about all the changes that they were doing, as he was speaking, to fix it and make the area safe. I had to tell him that none of the things he was doing (although needed) wouldn't have helped a bit because they weren't in the area, where I almost got killed tonight. So he stopped the whole deal again and got men and equipment to the right spot and doing the right stuff to make the job safe. He refused to release anyone back to work till I said I was satisfied with how it was fixed. Which I very much am, this man is a class act when it comes to safety.

Dear diary, my life didn't flash before my eyes. The first part of my day did. I put in a 18 1/2 hr day yesterday and forced myself to set an early alarm so I could see my kids before work today. If I don't do that they forget who I am because they go to long without seeing me between my days off. I got up this morning and Jr was watching a cartoon. I went in and held him on my lap. He wanted "his" mommy. Then he wanted to "go to mommy's work" ie daycare. About then he noticed that it snowed out. Instead of giving daddy a hug, like I asked for, he ran out to play in the snow before they had to "go to mommy's work". I was cold, tired and feeling a little rejected, so I sat in the chair in my PJ's. They left.

If I HAD died tonight, and IF God would have given me any 15 min of my life to live over, I would have run barefoot into the yard and thrown snowballs, chased a little boy, rolled around on the ground and I would have gotten my hug or tickled him till he couldn't stand it. Because I almost got killed tonight.

I didn't need to see my whole life, I saw one little bit of one day. It was enough. I wish I was a better man.

I almost got killed tonight.


Odd Topic

Happy Saturday everyone. Yes I know its really Tuesday, but in my world of mixed up work schedule today is my Saturday. So I'm doing my best to avoid Mrs. Ipsa's honey do list while accomplishing some things on my own to do list. Item #1 is recover from the 18 hrs I spent away from home yesterday. Item #2 is write the rest of the list.

Suppose you were assigned the task of giving an one hour (perhaps longer or in two sessions) speech. The working title of this talk is: "Have Great Sex". The talk will be advertised to the target audience for about two months prior to the event. The day of the event will be either the second or third Saturday of September, this year.

What would you say? What topics would you cover?

I am intentionally not telling you who the audience is, or the event that this is part of, because I don't want to prejudice your input. The purpose of the speech is to encourage people to have extraordinary sex lives. You can assume that both men and women will be in the audience and that the age range will be rather large from teens to possibly mid 60's. For purposes of this post, assume anything and everything goes at least topic wise. In addition to your thoughts, you might want to include some "what I wish men knew or what I wish women knew" about sex comments. Private emails are welcome as well, please put "odd topic" in the subject line, so when my email filter flags your message I will know to send it to my mail box.

I'm especially interested hearing input form the ladies.