All in the Family featured the curmudgeonly Archie Bunker. Archie was television’s most famous grouch, blunt, blustering, straightforward and untouched by the PC crowd. He was the archetype of the conservative male. Michael desprately tried to reeducate him, but he persisted in his breviloquence.

Looking back at the last 40 years, we realize: ARCHIE WAS RIGHT!



You've probably seen on other blogs or through email how the Obama administration has issued a report via Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano labeling everyone from veterans of the US military to people who profess traditional Christianity or who have ever listened to talk radio, as "potential right wing terrorists". Here is a link to the Washington Times article.

Here is a link to the report it self.

I have several thoughts on the report, none of them favorable.

1.) One technique of government is to produce a series of reports to make it look like a situation warrants more attention than it is getting. Once a significant amount of written material is produced the next step is to establish a team to investigate the viability of a situation requiring some form of action. That team/task force then "researches" the body of knowledge on the subject. Normally this means they read the previously mentioned government reports.

If your following this: gov bureaucrat "A" has an agenda and writes a report, which stimulates gov bureaucrat "B" to write a report with an agenda, and so on. This process goes on for a bit till they have a pile of reports on a topic. Then they hand pic a group to "research" the material and make recommendations. Of course those recommendations will mirror the wishes of the bureaucrat group think that produced the reports and selected the "researchers". The next logical step being making the recommendations official government policy.

2.) I suspect that the next step will be to implement some form of policy that will be aimed at limiting the rights of those in the groups mentioned in the reports. Such as:
A.) reducing free speech rights for churches, or others who do not support Obama
B.) reducing access or requiring registration of firearms.
C.) limiting any material support
D.) marginalizing the views of the targeted groups in the media in an effort to direct public opinion.

Some may argue that all four points under #2 above are or have been in progress for some time. I won't dispute anyone who sees things from that point of view. The point I would make is that none of these tactics are legitimate functions of our constitutional government.

For the sake of argument lets assume that there are in fact some members of the targeted groups who are going to engage in unprovoked acts of violence against someone for ideological reasons. For example Janet Reno et al in Ruby Ridge or Waco. The proper role of government is to arrest the criminals and take them to court to stand trial for their offenses. This is a far different course of action than generalizing 50% or more of the American public as "potential terrorists".

I think Obma is suffering from a case of extreme projection. As a young man (and now to some extent) he was willing to associate with terrorists in his opposition to the establishment. Now that he is the establishment, he naturally sees all who don't wholly embrace him as lord and savior in DC, as potential terrorists.



Well, what can I say? I can pee drug free and the other guy can't. To be fair, I was told he wasn't a hard worker either. Which brings us to today's employment lesson: "If you're going to be a pothead, be a hard working pothead". Otherwise some middle age guy who can say things like "no sir, I won't use the company cell phone to arrange to buy drugs, and yes I'll show up at 8:00am", will have a good chance of getting hired for your job.

Starting Thursday I have a new job. Although it is far from my dream job, it is a better job than the one I just quit. More importantly as it stands right now, I have somewhere between 8 and 10 days off during elk season, with several of them coming in a big block. So at least until I either a.) kill an elk or b.) season ends, I won't be in a big hurry to get another job. Not that I would mind a better job. I still have dozens of resumes out. I just won't be desperate to find new work and I can now afford to be selective in the next job I take.

Thanks to everyone for their prayers and well wishes while I was going nuts over the job issue.


J'étais le Sous Chef

Le sous le chef est mort.

Vive le nouveau sous chef.

Bon débarras à l'emploi moche.



I've started having shifting issues with the standard transmission in my pick up. I added fluid to the line and its helped some, but I still have a problem with 1st gear. Any ideas?



Isn't it ironic?

Restaurant with antigun policy saved by a gun.

Let us consider the history. Taco Mac has not had an armed robbery in 30 years. Taco Mac posted the Georgia Restaurant Association signs banning firearms, which tells criminals that this is an easy target. Then it is robbed. So what is the conclusion to be drawn? That gun free zones encourage armed criminals to prey upon the disarmed people inside?
If law abiding people are armed, the only ones with something to fear are criminals. I don't have a problem with that.


Hunter Porn

Somethings are hard to wait for. I've got 30 days to go and video like this gets me going.

Cash for Clunkers

In the have you noticed department:

On a positive note, despite its huge taxpayer cost, the Cash for Clunkers program has taken a lot of Obama bumper stickers off the road.


For Sale

As some of you know, I have developed an interesting group of friends over the years. Normally I don't blog about them, because their jobs/hobbies/skills may be how I know them but frankly that part of their life isn't really worth my writing about.

One of these friends happens to build custom long range weapons, and holds a couple of current world records in his own name, as well as having built guns that others have performed at the same level with. He is selling one of his personal weapons, due to not having the time to use it in competition, and being strapped for cash.

This gun is a rifle built on a Rem XP action (legally a handgun) and chambered in 6.5x47 Lupua. The barrel is nearly new having less than 50 rounds fired from it. At 200 yards the AVERAGE group size is 0.190 inches.

If you would like a rifle capable of competing at and winning world record level bench rest matches, this is it. I can arrange either a.) a FFL to FFL transfer to you or b.) if you are willing to travel, a person to person transfer. In either case, all firearms laws will be adheared to.

If you are interested either email me or leave your email in the comments.

If your interested in some more normal quality firearms, I'm thinking of thinning out my collection of hunting and military guns.


Product Plug

Bob sent me an email this morning. It contained a link to a gun that I have been telling you about since last year.

Here it is: Freedom Arms

I have shot the gun on the web page. Yes it's $1,500. It's great. This handgun can make solid hits out to 1,000 yards in the right caliber. You can have it with a number of options. You can also get additional different barrels for different applications. I like this handgun very much and it is worth the price. I would love to own one but that isn't going to happen right now, (see last two posts). Unless of course I can get someone to sponsor my hobbies. Which would be more likely had I taken first in any of the events I entered this year.

New Job

So its been about 12 hrs since that last post.

I have a new job now.

Same stinking industry. I did get a raise (not much of one) and a better benefit package. I still want a better job so bad I can taste it. Maybe something will work out in the next two weeks so that can happen.

God does love and look after fools. A fact for which I am grateful.

Now What?

I lost a good job.

Was out of meaningful work for nearly a year.

Had to go back to doing something that I'm good at but don't like, for people who constantly make bad business decisions.

I'm making less money than I did 20 years ago doing the same work.

I nearly came to blows with "Ball Boy" last night. Seriously. This has never happened with me at any point in my working life since I was 13 years old until yesterday.

I've not been allowed to do the work I was hired to do, mostly because a member of management is looking for things to do that so it looks like he is actually doing something productive.

Tonight I was pushed over the edge on another issue.

So I quit.

I didn't just walk out, as soon as I get done with this post, I will prepare a proper 2 weeks notice, like I promised. I will professionally finish out my two weeks.

Apparently not only have I sacrificed my family's financial well being by giving up my career and moving to WYO, but I am now screwing myself and them over further by quitting a paying job with no prospects for another one. I must have lost my mind.

And because things don't suck enough; the wife's parents are here for another 2 weeks. So I'm sure this is going to just look spiffy in their eyes come morning.


I thought this was funny, in a America is going to hell in a hand basket and Obama can't get us there fast enough sort of way.


The Inlaws are Coming!

The wife just called from work to inform me that her folks will be arriving in about an hour. I've known this was coming for several weeks. Just as I've known that my folks will be here before the end of the month. In the past having relatives visit (both sides) has been a bit of a pain. Anymore they come and hardly bother Mrs Ispa or myself. Seldom do they even speak beyond "hello" and "goodbye". Once you answer the first question "where are my grand kids" and they make contact, the parents role in the visit is over, unless a clean up of the carpet or other emergency remodel project is required.

Those of you who have reproduced know what I mean. We are no longer important to our parents. Our only function in their eyes, is to provide a house and other living arrangements for the grandchildren. That way when they come and feed them sugar and candy, then let them watch "Cars" roughly 14.6 times a day, followed by not going to bed on time (odd, bed time was important when I was a kid, it must be less vital in modern times) they can leave the little buggers in good hands, while they take off to recuperate. Another mystery to me is discipline. My two year old can do things and get away with them that I never could. For example: I remember playing with dad's tools and leaving them in the yard, in the rain to rust. I remember this because the beating I received for my misdeed healed up just in time for me to sit through my collage graduation ceremony. However, when my son does the same thing, my dad just laughs and says, "kids just do that". Near death beatings must be less vital now too.

It must be true: Grandparents and grand kids get along so well because they have a common enemy.

The reason for this visit is that its Res Jr's birthday next week. This is the first year he has been able to look forward to it. He has too. He has mastered most of the words to "happy birthday" and says things like, "birthday pie with whipped cream". I think he is getting cake next week and a pie when my folks come. I think he'll suffer through the disappointment just fine. We are ok with celebrating birthdays a couple or three times to make sure everyone gets to participate. At least that's the way both sets of my grandparents and the great grandparents did it for me growing up. Add that to the list of things that make you go "hummm".