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Looking back at the last 40 years, we realize: ARCHIE WAS RIGHT!


First Snowden...

I've been noticing for some time that getting good solid news in the US is next to impossible.  This isn't a rehash of the Clinton News Network CNN vs FOX from the 90's.  It's not about Rush vs NPR.  I've noticed for the last several years, thanks to the internet, most of the important news comes from alternative sources, or foreign ones.  A reader of a London paper will normally have a better idea of the facts of a current event in the USA than someone utilizing American news outlets.  He will also have a better understanding of the most recent Royal wardrobe malfunction/baby outing/adulterous affair/dental exam, etc ad nauseum.  It's gotten so bad that even the Russian's are scooping American news.

More Walter Mitty than James Bond: How climate change expert posed as CIA agent for 10 years

A leading American expert on climate change and the Environmental Protection Agency’s highest-paid employee, deserves to spend 30 months behind bars for lying to his bosses about being a CIA spy to avoid doing his real job, US federal prosecutors say.
Wrongo.  If he didn't do any EPA work, he probably helped America more than the harm he did.  Yes he cost us over a million bucks, but the EPA costs America more than that every minute of every day they operate.
Prosecutors described John Beale’s actions as “crimes of massive proportion” that were “offensive” to those who actually work for the CIA, NBC reported.
Like the CIA hasn't been robing the tax payer blind for decades, and its all "top secret" so we aren't allowed to know what they are wasting money on.
Beale pled guilty in September, and has been accused of major fraud of almost $1 million in salary and other benefits over a decade.
I wonder what kind of a deal he got for that.
When first questioned by EPA officials early in 2013 about his alleged CIA undercover work, Beale brushed them off by saying he couldn’t discuss it, according to Sullivan.
The first rule about fight club is you don't talk about fight club.
The two sentencing memos and other documents on the trial present new details of the case that’s been branded one of the most audacious and creative federal frauds in history.
Social security still has it beat.
“I thought, ‘Oh my God, How could this possibly have happened in this agency? I’ve worked for the government for 35 years. I’ve never seen a situation like this,” Patrick Sullivan told NBC News.
Really Pat, in 35 years you've never seen the American tax payer get screwed out of a million bucks.  Maybe what you mean is, we never got off that easy before.
One of the most important points raised by the investigation was that why it took the EPA administration so long to start looking into Beale’s grandiose stories.
Maybe that's because there really is a joint CIA environmental working group, ENMOD.
“There’s a certain culture here at the EPA where the mission is the most important thing. They don’t think like criminal investigators. They tend to be very trusting and accepting,” Sullivan said.
Yeah, that's the ticket.
It was revealed that Beale publicly retired, but kept getting his salary for another year and a half, with his expense vouchers approved by his colleague whose conduct is now looked into.
That's nothing Congress quit being useful in 1913 and they've been collecting a check and screwing us for a hundred years now.

So why did he keep getting his check for the last year?  Maybe its gross governmental incompetence, maybe not.  Why did his expense vouchers keep getting paid?  Was his buddy slipping him some Obama stimulus money on the side like they are hinting at?  Maybe, maybe not.  Maybe he was getting paid because he really was pushing the administrations mission like a good little paper shuffler.

So why did the EPA believe the lie, if it really was a lie?  Are they that stupid?  Well they have been believing, funding and pushing global warming, so who knows?  I think the reason they believed Beal is because the CIA really is doing work with environmental modification research with an eye on weaponization.  Before you jump to the conclusion that I'm a lunar landing denial, fluoride in the water, anti-immunization, JFK's murder was a plot (OK it was) tin foil hat wearing member of the American Conspiracy Theorist Club, ACTC for short, I'm not.  Mostly because nobody trusts anybody else to maintain the members list, but that's another story.

The CIA is doing ENMOD work.  Here are some links:

CIA funding to modify weather just the tip of the ice cloud
Climate Change, Geoengineering and Environmental Modification Techniques (ENMOD)
Why the CIA Is Worried About Geoengineering
Weather wars: Who should be allowed to engineer our climate?

Maybe the bureaucrats at the EPA believed that Beal was working on environmental stuff with the CIA, is because the CIA is working on those kinds of projects.  Maybe, just maybe, one of the EPA top guns on the environment would be tasked for that kind of work.  Maybe the reason his expense vouchers were approved and kept getting approved without scrutiny, was because someone wanted it that way.

Is Beal a crook?  Maybe.  This is the Obama Administration and in the words of the Moody Blues, "what the truth is, I can't tell anymore".  Maybe the truth wasn't supposed to come out, or maybe Beal pissed in somebodies Wheaties.  Who knows?


  1. black8:39 AM

    Agreed... getting real honest news about newsworthy subjects is almost impossible.

    You've seen the Time magazine cover regional differences?

  2. No, I'm afraid I haven't been paying attention.


    The flip side of your point that to find reliable relevent American news stories, you have to go outside America.

  4. I checked that out. It makes us look like a bunch of self absorbed nits. Which is what we are.

    I think that the powers that be are more interested keeping us fat dumb and distracted. The Roman Senate made sure the bread and circuses kept going right up till the end too.

  5. I checked that out. It makes us look like a bunch of self absorbed nits. Which is what we are.

    I think that the powers that be are more interested keeping us fat dumb and distracted. The Roman Senate made sure the bread and circuses kept going right up till the end too.