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Looking back at the last 40 years, we realize: ARCHIE WAS RIGHT!


What You Talk'n Bout?

A 9 year old boy in South Jersey got to go home early on his last day of school.  He even got a police escort and a review of his actions by the local prosecutors office.  What did he do?

Why police were called to a South Jersey third-grade class party

Go ahead and read the article.  They won't tell you what he did, or said that was so bad the police had to intervene.  The mom, a women named Stacy dos Santos gives us some clues.  Stacy lets us in on two facts, 1. the issue involved brownies and 2. her husband, the boy's father is from Brazil.

Before you get ahead of the story, they weren't that kind of brownie.  I had to do a quick Google translate just to double check myself.  Being a romance language, Portuguese uses the same word for black as Latin, Spanish, etc et al.  Can you guess what that word is?

What color are brownies?  I'll give you a hint, it ain't white.  The best brownies, the yummiest, richest, best tasting chocolate delight that boy or man can sink his shinny white teeth into, are the darkest, blackest ones.  That ain't racist.  That's a fact.  The more chocolate, the darker a brownie.  The better it tastes.  It's science, not eugenics.

There is nothing white or brown even, about a good brownie.  Unless of course you put a big scoop of Breyer's Vanilla ice cream on top of it, right after it comes out of the oven.  IF you do that you might as well go ahead and cover the ice cream with chocolate syrup.  If you don't, it proves you are a racist, or a diet Nazi.

What did the Hispanic kid say that cops had to come?  Was it "negros"?  I'm guessing here, and I may be WAY out of line, but I don't think the libtards that work in public schools get upset if someone says, "cracker"; even if its not snack time. 


  1. WaterBoy5:28 PM

    Stop the world, I wanna get off....

  2. Some of the most ignorant and stupid people work in the public school systems. I guess it all comes down to the old adage of Those that can do, those who can't TEACH.

    One of the best desserts I have ever had was a dark chocolate brownie sundae in a local establishment. Freshly made brownies, with a scoop of very rich vanilla ice cream, not the cheap stuff, topped by fudge sauce, not just syrup and then topped by homemade whip cream and nuts and cherries.

    Talk about a sugar rush. Oh baby. Anyway, notice that the public schools, and the Left in general, are all about embracing other cultures.
    When faced with bits of those same cultures, like words they don't understand, their hamster wheels go totally off the chain. Epic entertainment if it wasn't such a showcase for pathetic people in that system.

  3. Talk about cowardice of the media. You are right. They totally covered for the DA, the PD and the school board. I guess that the idea of lawsuits against the district has these liberals so terrified that they aren't even going to deal with little kids on their own anymore.

    The people of that community should think about this the next time they need the police in an emergency, but nobody is available due to them all over at the school, checking out the latest food related incident.

    The worst part is, that school and the LEO's threw those parents into the claws of the Children's services department. You know that those parents are on the cusp of being totally destroyed by those vultures. Simply because the home is bilingual, and the local leftists are ignorant and gibbering idiots.

  4. In the mean time, real issues go unaddressed. Pretend racism is more offensive than real problems.

    1. Susan3:27 PM

      See that is just it. This wasn't real racism here among the kids here, it is the mental midgets and the ignorant window licking school staff who are really being showcased here. Letting a golden teaching moment slip by because they are afraid to touch another culture's language.

      Seems to me that the parents know this too. Calling it some form of racism allows them to weasel out from their responsibility yet again.

      I'm telling you Res, much more of this lunacy, and I think parents are going to start banding together and cleaning up this profession. I don't care how many claim to be nice, good and caring teachers.

      As long as they stand silently by and say nothing about the miscreants of their profession, they are just as bad as the so-called moderate peaceful muslims are.

      They want our respect again, the kind they used to have in the beginnings of their profession a century ago, up to the 60's? Clean up the profession. Root out the rot and the deadwood. Especially in the unions.

    2. I'm with ya. Get the torches and pitch forks.