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Looking back at the last 40 years, we realize: ARCHIE WAS RIGHT!


Hillary, Trump and the GOP

The scattered news reports I see about Hillary and her activities as Secretary of State, lead me to wonder if she is a candidate for the Big House instead of the Whitehouse.  Obviously I'd rather see her in jail, where she belongs.

If the wonderful happens and she is held accountable for at least some of her crimes, what will that do to the Presidential election? 

I can see a probable chain of events that would create tension and upheaval in Washington.  It is possible that Donald Trump gets the Republican nomination.  I'm sure that GOP insiders are working hard to arrange a brokered convention to rob him of the nomination as you are reading this.  For argument sake lets say he gets it.  Then Hillary ends up either on trial or in jail and isn't able to run as the Democratic nomine.

If Donald is in the race and Hillary is in jail, who is the GOP leadership going to support?


  1. Sanders of course.

    I think most of the GOP leadership sold out 60+ years ago.

  2. I think the exact year for that was 1964.

  3. A dark horse candidate. Like maybe Jim Webb or Fauxcahantas Warren. Jim Webb would make a real problem for democrats I think. He can be quite a bit more conservative than Hillary or Bernie are.

    I have also been wondering why he dropped out of the race so abruptly. Then I even saw something the end of last month that said there could be something legal related regarding Queen Cacklepants released next month sometime. Rumor has it, it could radically change the democrat campaigns.

    The media might not be covering it Res, but if you are able to spend the time like I am, she is in quite deep and troubled legal waters right now. It isn't as nice as the media would have us all believe.

  4. Susan3:02 PM

    One thing I forgot to comment on regarding this post. You have to wonder about whether or not Queen Cacklepants is a candidate for the Big House?
    She and her consort should have been put in there years ago. Not just for emails, but all the fraud regarding Haitian donations that have managed to disappear. When that test balloon came out a number of months ago, she totally disappeared from the radar for weeks while she most likely cleaned up the books at the Foundation.

    One supporting clue in that charity fraud theory is that during some big charity event the Clintons sponsored in NYC several months ago, several huge celeb names in the game like Bono and Elton John totally shunned the event. I believe they were in town too. The Clintons are not used to being the shunned. They do the shunning.

    The celebs and other biggies know exactly what is going on, and they know that the Clintons could go down for charity fraud big time at any time. They want nothing to tarnish their own reputations in the charity game.